Bale Pandiya Tamil Movie **

Yet another movie from the makers of Madarasapatnam Bale Pandiya. Hero Vishnu as Pandian and Heroine Piyaa as Vaishnavi.

The story starts with Pandian an jobless youth and he faces a lot of unfortunate experiences, also what ever he does finishes in a joking matter totally a unlucky boy. There lives a Don and do everything for money. He had once a small vegetable shop and sales was good and that too the corporation department for widening the road remove that shop, like this the life goes on.

As already told about the Don, he went to him and request him to finishes his life and prepares to give him Rs.10,000/-. First the said Don was thinking that the boy is making some fun. After hearing his full story and the boy Pandian says that he is not a lucky boy, the Don changes his mind and gives bim a Debit card asking the boy Pandian to spent accordingly and that will expire in the coming month of 10th. He was lavishly spending and getting a girl friend, loves her.

That girl Vaishnavi is a daughter of a Politicial person. In this Movie first half goes in a comedy plus a poor look about the youngster Pandian. It also reminds us the Old Bale Pandiya, a song also ‘Mama, Maple’ also lie that.

But after intermission the movie takes a twist in Political way and twist, fights & revenging between the groupism and the girl Vaishnavi being kidnapped and Pandiayan rescues.

A Production Unit AGS Enterprises Kalpathi Agoram, brothers who produced the film Madarasapattinam and got a very good name from the Hon’ble chief Minister of Tamilnadu and everybody, in this an old lady comes from England to India to see the boy who she loved, in this movie in the same manner Vivek comes from England and do the comedy for searching the Heroine Vaishnavi. Hope that the AGS Enterprises have not yet forgotten the English Regime.

Totally Bale Pandiya a TEST, not old one comedy movie in which Sivaji, Balaji, MR Radha & others, but this neither that nor looks like a love story. For time pass one can sit in the theatre for time passing.
Songs good, Music Devan Ekambaram, Editing Saravanan.S, Stunts Dilip Subbarayan, Art Biju, Dance by dinesh, Camera Soundarajan, RB Gurudev, Sound A S Lakshminarayanan, Managers Viji Manohar, Viswanathan.

HAPPY song almost most of singers sung and acted in that scene. good

Actors done their roles what the Director has given.

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