CHENNAI, Tamilnadu, India, Oct 10, 2010
Tamilnadu Movie Directors Union is marching towards its 40th year by putting its feet. This HAPPY NEWS & 0CCASION is going to be celebrated on 23rd October 2010 (23.10.2010) at Nehru Inner Play Ground from morning 10.00am to night 10.00pm.
All members in this union wants to celebrate the 40th year of the union FUNCTION in a very grand manner and working very hard to show the strength. Even though the Movie Industry languages in India, Telugu, Malayalam, Kerala, Karnataka & Hindi has gone to their states from this the relationship between a mother and son has not gone.
On the said date 23rd Oct morning 10am to night 10pm going to be held in the Nehru stadium, Near Central station all Indian Film, Movie directors, Artists, Producers, Musicians, Technical persons, PRO’s attending the function and making it as a GREAT success.
In the Morning 10 am till 2 pm Familiar Musicians Music Bonanza , after that by 2 pm to 4 pm the Directors from all over India will have a cross discussions, eve. 5pm to 10pm all Indian Level a star studded with all Technicians, writers, Lyric writers, choreographers will have a nice Programmes.
The Programmes Headed by DIRECTORS Thiru K Balachandar, Thiru Bharathirajaa, Special President Thiru Rama Narayanan (Tamilnadu), and Thiru Dasari Narayana Rao, (Andhra Pradesh) Thiru Hariharan, (Kerala), Thiru Rajendra Singh Babu, (Karnataka) all will particitipate and grace the occasion.
This function and Programme’s Organizing Secretary is Director R K Selvamani who is famous for his Huge Budget Movies and successs. The Treasurer is Thiru Ezhil.
In the Advisory committee: Thiru VC Guhanathan, Thiru Balu Mahendra, Thiru S A Chandrasekar, Thiru K Bagyaraj, Thiru V Sekar, Thiru, S P Muthuraman, Thiru, Maniratnam, Thiru T Rajender, Thiru P Vasu, Thiru K S Ravikumar, Thiru Shankar, Thiru Bala, Thiru Sathyaraj, Thiru Gangai Amaran, Thiru R Parthiban, all DIRECTORS in the committee.
Organizing committee members are : DIRECTORS Thiru Chitra Lakshmanan, Thiru Santhana Bharathy, Thiru Mano Bala, Thiru Sunderrajan, Thiru Vasanth, Thiru Pandiyarajan, Thiru Rajkapur, Thiru Cheran, Thiru Dharani, Thiru Seyyar Ravi, Thiru Hari, Thiru Nazer, Thiru Sundar c, Thiru S P Jananathan, Thiru S D Sabha, Thiru Sasi, Thiru Udhayasankar, Thiru Goutham Menon, Thiru Selvaraghavan, Thiru C Ranganathan, Thiru Selvabharathy, Thiru Balaji Sakthivel, Thiru Samuthiragani, Thiru Vijay Milton, Thiru Misskin, Thiru Sasikumar, Thiru Prabhu Deva, Thiru K V Anand, Thiru Ravi Varman, Thiru Venkat Prabhu, Thiru Pandiraj.
Apart from this the Union Vice Presidents Vikraman, Sasimohan, Jt. Secy.Lingusamy, Amir, T K Shanmugasundaram, Ekambhavaanan, Exe. Members Yaar Kannan, E Ramadass, R Madhesh, Perarasu, S S Stanley, Bhoopathy Pandiyan, Sibichander, R Shibi, Bali Srirangam, Rajakarthik, Eravi Kandasamy, Directors will join with some more directors and take the in-charge of stage, Choreography, also appointed 9 batches to look after everythings.
Sd/- Sd/-
Bharathi Rajaa R K Selvamani
Chair Person Org. Secretary
To-day the 10th Oct 2010 at AVM Studios The Press Meet Held and the above organization for the function has been announced in the Leadership of K Balachander, Bharathi Raja, R K Selvamani. Every body takes challenges to organize the function in a grand manner. Also so many suggestions been given and all been noted by Gangai Amaran, who himself has taken this as a challenge. Veteran Director K Balachandar told that to-days youngsters making documentary films which cannot be imagined. While senior Most director Balu Mahendra told that an acting college may be opened and in the weekly two days Saturday & Sunday he is prepared to teach till his last breathe to coach the youngsters, which got applause. Chitra Lakshmanan said that this is a family function and it has to be jointly done.
Director, President & Chairperson Bharathi Rajaa wants to buy a land for the uion immediately to getogether meetings, Press meets, Acting and related courses, Preview Theatres etc., also want it the union has to be recognized by the state and Central Governments by issuance like stamps and respectful things.
Director Bharathi Rajaa was lit bit late regards to train derailment somewhere else and his train was stopped and it was late for the press meet due to train late as he was coming down to Chennai for this programme.
In the Press Meet The Organising Secretary R K Selvamani said that they have Invited all VVIPs throughout India and expecting a huge gatherings.
The press meet ended in the noon with vote of thanks and good Lunch.
Equipped with High IT Technology in his car itself Mr NIKIL is the PRO of the function and done a marvelous job.
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