SHA’S FILMS proudly produces the film by producer S I Badhu Shah TITLED ACHAMINDRI. The Director of the film Rajesh K Vasu has scored the story, screen story and directing the film as a new Director, but he has got the experience of Asst., co-director in many Tamil, Malayala Movies.
The movie is well backed only by story and a new face as Hero by name Vinayak, Heroine Deesha Pande who has already done in the recent film THAMIZH PADAM, one more lady artist for main role is being selected from Bangalore based. The work is going on.
Music a new Music director Saji Ram, story dialogues by P K Raja, Camera by Mani Prasad, Art Vinod, Production in-charges Ramakrishnan, Kutty Krishnan, & Senthamarai.
Movie Production starts in Chennai on coming 10th and continuous shooting on.
The Director while explaining the story of the movie a bit the theme, the educated people thinking high of them and just like that spoiling the culture of our country as well as ours in that way the story goes and what will be reactions to that and how to come out of that………
Pooja at AVM studios in Chennai 17.10.2010 mor 8 am and P L Thenappan, Director Sasi Mohan, Film distribution Assn., President Kalaipuli G Sekaran, Actor-Director Ramesh Khanna, comedy Actor Muthukalai, Sams, Music director V Thazhi, were present in the pooja ceremony
Also the Hero of this Movie Vinayak, Heroine Deesha Pande, Director of the Movie Rajesh K Vasu, the Producer S I Badhu shah were got the blessings from the VIPs attended the function.
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Kumar srinivas, photo/video journalist, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.