“AATTANAYAGAAN” Tamil Movie-Review ***
Lakshmi Movie Makers (India) Limited Presents Tamil Movie Aattanayagaan stars in a Hyderabad central Jail where Nazer an aged man enters as a visitor. While sitting there to see somebody the thoughts go backs.
A town called Thalavai Samudram, Tirunelveli dist., a happy family of Nazar, his wife, one son Shakthi, his grandpa R sundarajan, and grandma sachu lives there. Nazer the town President. Shakthi and his friends with comedian Santhanam do a lot of things youngsters do in their twenties. By one time Santhanam goes to see a girl for his marriage with Shakthi. There he sees the girl and her sister was known to Shakthi as they got a tough time in a temple while she was praying (Ramya Nambeeesan). That marriage not takes place due to some reasons. Ramya Nambeesan comes to Shakthi’s house with a list of charges what they have eaten at the time of santhanam went with him to see the girl for wsanthanam to get married by seeing the girl. Here also Nazer fights with his son that he is doing lot of naughty things and not going for any employment referring his brother who is running a software firm in Hyderabad.
There come an alliance for Ramya Nambeesan’s sister a family which is not only asking the sister but also Ramya also for their second son who was not in a good position as being affected mentally and says now he is alright. Ramya says this to Sakthi and ask him a way to solve it. But Sakthi says better she marries the boy thus giving a life to her sister and leaves the place.
Adithya the Sakthi’s brother comes from Hyderabad and he tells him that he will come with him to Hyderabad and stays with him, hearing this Adithya shocked with this asks for it and he explains the love and the matter. Altogether the brother Adithya convinced and gets married to Ramya’s sister and takes her to Hyderabad. While landing in Hyderabad and walking across the Railway over bridge there comes a very big clash and on seeing this his wife was in shock and knows the position that he is a rowdy. After going homke he explains the things and on hearing the things she wants to leave Hyderabad and wants to go back to her house. She was stopped.
Here in the town Ramya wants to see her sister and also Sakthi wants to be with his brother, both leaves the town and after in Hyderabad and leaves the Rly. Station by an auto and on the way they saw a fight, one car comes there and shoots the man alone there. That man was Adithya and Sakthi, Ramya were shocked. When they goes home Shakthi asks all the things and Adithya explains the whole things how he got money from father Nazer and with full cash came to Hyderabad and being cheated by a Gang. By facing the gang he joins with the peoples already cheated by that gang and they forms a gang and Adithya becomes leader and faces the gang. That way the story goes and much more. At one stage Shakthis request to Adithya to leave all these Rowdiesm, he accepts and that time he was attacked severely almost dead and he was admitted in a Hospital and getting back his life. In the mean time Sakthi attatcks and kills the opposite gang leader and kills him. When Shakthi was in the Hospital, where he was beaten heavily by his father Nazer the police came there and arrests him. In the mean so many things takes place.
For seeing Sakthi only Nazer waits in the Hyderabad Central Jail and meets him. He tells him that if he is alive he wants to live with him for some time, if he is not alive he wants to be child of Shakthi. Fine story and taken in a good manner.
Main Casts: Shakthi, Ramya Nambeesan, Santhanam, Naazer, Adithya, R Sundarajan, R Sundarajan, Meera Vasudevan, Ravikale, Mandai Ganesan, Swaminathan, Centrayan, Aswini, Jeeva, Balu Anandh, Devaki
Technicians: Cameraman: S D Vijay Milton (wonderful), Music Director: Srikanth Deva, good, Editor: Harshar, Art: Vithesh, Lyrics:Kavingar Vaali, Stunts: Supreme sundar, Choreography: `Ashok, Baba Baskar, Gayathiri Raghuram, Production Manager: K K Ravi
Direction:: Krishnaraam
Good story, direction, songs, editing, camera and entertainment family subject and shows how a normal family education youths being made a rowdies.