STDUIO GREEN PRESENTS TAMIL MOVIE “SIRUTHAI” STARRING Karthi & Karthi, Tamannah, Santhanam & others, starts in a good way by a comedy scenes by Karthi as Rocket Raja & comedian Santhanam. An excellent comedy scenes given by the Director Siva. Rocket Raja & Santhanam in the field of stealing and sharing. There they fixes a spot of a marriage in a Marwari Jain family and when they goes to the marriage for lifting the things, Rocket Raja meets Tamanannah there and develops love there.
One day when Rocket Raja & Santhanam sitting in the Omni Bus stand in Koyembedu there comes a north Indian women with a very big wooden box. She tells the porter that the wooden box belongs 200 kgs of gold and to be very careful. This was heard by the two who is sitting there. They approaches the lady and enquire about and she says the things. She asks them to take care of the box and goes to a nearby place. In that time they have looted the box and kept it in a separate place and discusses about the shares and how to divide it. There comes a Police Officer and enquires about the box. They says something and the Police OFFICER asks them to open it. When opened there is a small girl aged around 6 years. On seeing the Rocket Raja she calls DADDY/ Police officer warns rocket Raja to take care of her daughter and ask him to take care of her daughter in good manner and he will inspect regularly. In the middle Tamannah meets Rocket Raja with the girl and leaves the place and town. This was going very serious comedy scenes in the first half.
The other side they shows a town Devipattinam, Andhra Pradesh and it is ruled by a unlawful gang and atrocities by them are not digestable. In this one of the Inspector of Police having two kids, his wife being taken as captive by the gang and the gangs leaders son enjoys the women and when the officer comes to him with kids and asks the gang leader that his wife is missing since two days, the childrens see their mother in the upstairs.and the gang leader sons two fingers and leader says that his wife will come home after two days. He comes quite. This time Rathnavel Pandian IPS been posted there and he takes charge and changes everything. But he too was targeted/ In one way he has made some arrangement to keep his daughter to Rocket Raja and by forming a Drama the girl was handed over him in the scene of Koyembedu bus stand drama.
When Rocket Raja was with the girl in Madras the gang find it out and tries to attack and he was saved by Rathnael Pandian. At one stage Rathnavel Pandian IPS being killed and Rocket Raja promises Rathnavel Pandian that he will take care of the girl and bring her up as his daughter and Rathnavel Pandiyan head downs.
In the post of Rathnavel pandiayan, Rocket raja Goes to Devipatnam and solves the mater and Tamannan with his family comes to that place for sight seeing and for relaxation and meets Rocket Raja and all maters being explained by other police officers and she fully understand Rocket Raja.
The movie has been in a good manner, only expectation as said by Rathnavel Pandiayan IPS he would have kept her girl somewhere else and would have finished the matter by giving relief to the village people. By killing him and using Rocket Raja to act as Police is not an expected one.
Artiste: Karthi & Karthiu, Tamannah, Santhanam, Avinash, suprithy Reddy, Amith, Santhana Bharathy, Rajivkanakkala, Visithran, Rakshan (kid) Banuchandar, Mega Nayar, Manobala,kalpana, Lamburt
Tech. Side: Production : K E Ganavelraja, Co-Producers : S R Prakash, S R Prabhua, Camera: Velraj, Editing: V T Vijayan, Music: Vidhyasagar, Stunts: Ganesh Kumar, DIRECTION: SIVA.Lyrics: N Muthukumar, Vivega, Arivumathi, Pa Vijay.
Songs good and in that CHELLAM VADA CHELLAM : EXCELENT.
PRO :: JOHNSON asst , Kumar
Posted by: kumar srinivas, photo/video journalist