DHAYANIDHI ALAGIRI Presents CLOUD NINE MOVIES “Thoonga Nagaram” Tamil Movie based around the Tamilnadu’s one of the Most famous city Madurai. In this four youngsters around Madurai from Usilampatti, Virudhunagar, Dindigul like places comes to Madurai for their livelihood and met in a Bar, becomes friend. One Vimal is a Videographer/photographer, the other works in a shop as he is dump, another youth works in Electric cremation and the last youth attends Electrical work. This youth is married and wife is pregnant. The main videographer Vimal is not married a bachelor, the dump youth has got two brothers studying in school not married.
Opening scene of the story the camera as per Director Gauravs’ thoughts and creativity takes a resident of Kannan’s house with decorated in a Marriage posture showing it and take a aerial view some playing cards at the terrace and gets down through the steps and goes inside the house shot by shot of peoples movement in the house an fantastic angles and camera that speaks the story
Vimal at the child hood near his house lives a small girl namely Kalaivani and at school and outside she is called as KALAVANI and Vimal being called in a naughty name. So both decides in the childhood itself to change their name as Kannan and Radha.
Due to some problem in the childhood itself the Radha family leaves their home town and goes to Madurai, Kannan too comes to Madurai for his work.
These four youngsters spends their life happily with rounding and spending some time in the bar and goes on. One the burial ground caretaker youth was electrocuted in his work place due to short circuit and the three friends helps a lot and saves him. Then the friendship comes very closer and tight. The electrician’s wife is in the last stages of delivery and was not having money to do the right things at that time and Vimal helps him by taking a silk sari in a big textile showroom. When these peoples are selecting the sari, a girl also selects a sari for her and asks the salesman for a fitting room to see how the sari matches her. There in the mirror a trick has been done and two youths behind the Mirror takes a cell photo without the knowledge of the girl as it a dark one side visible sun control film like that. She is being threatened by sending SMS with that picture.
In the middle the character of Chidambaram (kamala Theatre owner) plays the role of a sand quarry contractor and shows his character once a Thasildar refuses to allow him to take the sand, while was going for a shopping with his family, his wife was killed in rash car driving and case was closed by the Thasildar by saying that he does not have any enmity with the vehicle driven person as he is Chidambaram’s man. The Textile showroom also belongs to him. Now the story understand clearly who has done the threatening.
Once Kannan goes to temple and pray to the gods’ photo instead of praying the Main god, the priest an Brahmin comes and gives him water and Tulsi and says him that the country has 100 crore people and there can’t be so many gods’ and god come in the shape of a (Sanskrit)Manushya roopaya). The threatening was going on. She is going to get wedding. For help the priest searches a man who is well versed to tackle all these problems and he was shown by others that he will be available in the bar the time the priest searches by 6-8 pm. There the four friends taking drinks and when saw the priest Vimal gets shocked and ask the matter that time come the cell asking the girl to come to the construction site 9th floor by giving an address. Vimal goes there and attacks severely and the others too joined them and ask him to stop the attatck. The other fellow who comes with the the Textile shop owner son escapes by seeing well, the dump. The four friends been identified with the help of the dump and each and every body been given the job to kill Vimal. The man who take the contract of Catering in Vimal’s marriage is the main man who is the deputed by Chidambaram.
The opening scene of three peoples carries a gunny bundle drops it in a reservoir bund and pouring petrol and fires it is now shown here. Eerybody thought that Vimal is being killed. But at the time of burning and the man who belongs to Chidambaram says that the body is being fired, vimal puts the knife in Chidambarams’ throat and tells him that people like him and his son who threatened, blackmailed a young girl should now live, Chidambaram asks then who’s body cremated? Vimal says that is his son’s body and kills him on the spot.
The next day the Marriage accordingly takes place.
ARTIST: Vimal, gaurav (new face) Barani, Nishanth, Anjali, V N Chidambaram, K balakrishnan, Singam Puli, Krishnamoorthy, Pandu, Subu, & 70 new faces.
CHIEF TECHNICIANS: Dayanidhi Alagiri/Vivek Rathninavel
Written & Direction Gaurav, Music, Sundar C Babu, Cameraman K Vijay Ulakanath 9EXCELLENT), Editor T SSureshm Art T Santhanam, Stunt Thilip Subbarayan, Producer Executive Sundar Raj, Producer Head Sushnd Prasand, Sound Effect G Sedhu, AutographyA L Thukkaram, Dance Kalyan, Dinesh, Baby Antoiny, Gayatri Raghuram
Songs, S Ganavel, Thamarai, Udumalai Narayanakvai, S Annamalai, singers Palghat Sriram, Hariharan & Chinmaya, Karthik, Shankar Mahadevan, M<adhu Balakrishnan.
SPECIAL APPEARANCE: Vaigaipuyal Vadivelu sings a bit and narrates the scenes at the beginning of the story as a guest role.
Good Direction, story and excellent camera work.
Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist-chennai