Yudham Sei – Tamil – Review ***
AGS Entertainment S Kalpathi S Agoram presents another feather cap YUDHAM SEI a Tamil movie of its Holywood class.
Story starts with a Heavy rain fall in which a lady comes from a building walks with umbrella and nearby a auto is being repaired , calls it for her travel. Driver says that it is under repair. She passes and comes back. Looks at the rear seat an young girl was in sleepy position. In the driver seat a man with the Kaki uniform sitting. She enquires about that lady and his answers were in a vague manner and just walking making a cell call, on seeing this the man who was sitting in the driver seat takes a long knife underneath the driver seat runs to kills her.
After this two hands alone packed in a plastic cover and put into cardboard box and kept in public place making public in panic.
Here starts the movie and Actor Director Cheran in the Police Department writing a letter, when his chief calls him he goes to him in a bad mood. The Officer ask about some peoples in the department and some has gone on leave and with other works. Officer immediately asks him to take up a job, which has been transferred from L&O to CB-CID, he refuses and hands over his resignation letter. Then the Officer tells him that he will get permission from top officials to give him permission to look into his own case of his sister missing for a long time.
This is the main things happening of keeping the hands, head like that in so many places. Once a Textile shop owner (Manika Vinayagam) being beaten and taken to a police station that in the dressing room he sees a girl changing her clothes via a set up hole.
Cheran while on Investigation with two assistants (a women & and a Man officers) it came to know that a gang is operating behind these things of women exposures and making wealthy aged personalities with lakhs of rupees paying to some police officials and rowdies doing these kinds of unwanted and psychological happiness on seeing such kinds of things and they can’t do anything.
Like that in One situation Y G Mahendran an Doctor with a good family of one girl and a boy running their life happily. His friend is also a doctor who is in GH Post Mortem department with always in alcohol. By all these thing his friend and Y G Mahendran family came to know his daughter being raped and killed left over. Y G Mahendran wife made up in her mind to finish off all the peoples connected to this. They plays a trick and keeps all records in tact showing in the list of deaths their names also.
In this, have to see the movie and how Cheran his team from police department and at times keeping the cut off hands, head in public places making the peoples in panic also making the police department in tight situation will comes to know and enjoy the film.
Director Myskkin at his best, one song only, back ground music excellent, camera fine. REAL THRILLER.
Artist: Director-Actor Cheran, Direcctor-Actor Selva, Yugendran, Y Gee.Mahendran, Jayaprakash, Manika Vinayagam, Sankar, A Ramadoss, Hariharan, Naren, Sunil, Marimuthu, Vinay, Balaji, Women artit: Deepasha, Lakshmi, Shruthi, & Sirushti Tanque
Lyris: Kabilan, Music Kay, CameraL Sathya, Art: Amaran, Editing : Kagin, Stunts: Action Prakashm Pro.Incharge: S M Venkat Manikam, Production co-ordinator: Suresh-Hakkim, Choreography: Vijay Pandi, PRO::NIKIL
kumar srinivas