Nadunisi Naaigal – Tamil Movie – Review***
Tamil Movie by Photo Kathas, R S Infotainment, Madhan Presents and a different kind of thinking’s Gautham Vasudev Menon has written and Directed this movie.
Story starts with a Police message of escapism of an culprit from police custody the Inspector who has arrested and handed over to his juniors and getting a cell call like this.
Goes back to Bombay a 7 year old boy’s story with his father and mother not alive. The behavior’s of his father which is not upto the mark of a real father and living with uncultured and infront of the boy, also makes him to see the things happening there. He was little bit little annoyed and getting mentally depressed.
Next to the boy’s house there live a lady in the 20s saw this one day sitting outside the house door from her house balcony. After that he goes inside and hearing a sound music she very carefully enters the compound and sees the things happening in the house through a opened window by slightly removing the curtain, was shocked and calls the police. There happens a thronging fight with the police and his father dies.
Meenakshi takes care of the boy and brought him up from her house taking care of studies, food and all. Little bit little he fells in love with her. At the age of 13 or so he gets into wrong way because of his father’s behavious and with mentally, sexually affected mind behaves very rudely with her and finished everything. She by changing her mind announces to the boy Veera that she is going to get married to her friend who loves her and marriage takes place in front of Veera the boy. At the first night Meenakshi and her newly married husband being in the bed room seeing all these things Veera gets mentally hated abouts this and stabs him with a fight with Meenakshi. The firstnight was with light candles and lightings with that and due to the fight candles slips and the room gets fire. Husband dies and Meenakshi was in hospital for nearly 8 months and calls her advocate and keep everything Veera’s name with power of attorney and gets a house at Chennai. He brings her body in an ambulance and keeps the body in the House at Chennai in an isolated, but silent area where there are some houses too. He keeps her body in the house with digging and keeping inside the ground as cemetery.
Assuming that Meenakshi was alive brings girls to the house and in thought he is removing some hair from tham state as by Meenakshi and put them in an undergroung site. Two ladies were chained there and a third girl his 10th class mate sneha meets hh\im n\in a theatre and she was too very cleverly brought out to his place and tries the same type. But the Police an IPS officer finds the place and enters inside by claiming the main door as it is remote operated door and non can open it. He has five watch dogs as his escorts, which bargs on the police officer and he shoots two, and in that sound Veera got back to his position and came to understand that somebody has entered and the fight goes one and he was taken a\into custody and all girls being released. Consulting a Physiologists and explains all the things about these kinds of peoples and sent to the mentally disorders centre. Gautham has taken an beautiful story which cannot be thought off as these kinds of things happening to our next doors also in so many places. A well deserved thought and how careful the girls should be, a teaching lesson and shows the Indian statistics of the mentally distorted peoples &happenings. Starring : Veera, Theva (Police Office) Ashwin Kakamanu, Sameera Reddy, Swapna Abhraham & others.Camera by Manoj Parahamsa, Editing Antony, Art, Rajivan, Costumes Nakilini Sriram, Sound Design Sivakumar & Ranganath Ravi, Stunts Silva, Prod. Incharge James & Ravi. V Produced by Kumar- Jayaraman-Madhan & Venkat.

Kumar srinivas-photo/video-journalist