VIKRAM the Superstar and the best actor has come to this position after a hard work of nearly 22 years and achieved the target of best Actor. A Hard worker and doing so many welfare measures to the really needy persons without any publicity and through his Fans’ Association which is headed by Mr Sathiyanarayanan doing wonders on his birthdays and the fulfilling of his favourite actor’s wishes.
After getting through all these wonders, excellent things he got yet another cap on his feather that is the UN post of GREEN REVOLUTION HABITAT alongwith 2 Nigerians and one German. He is the only person selected from India and made India to be proud , particularly the state of Tamilnadu.
In the press meet held on 22.4.2011 in Chennai, Tamilnadu, india at Hotel Green Park, Chennai 600024 he spoke about all the things happened and realized that he was very proud to have the honour and immediately constituted a small committee to help him to carry out the works,
His first intention is to make the whole Tamilnadu a greeny one by planting some trees and will be followed by with other states and throughout India. He has also decided to get the help of NGO’s to carry out this job.
So many queries were raised by the journalists and very calmly and politely he answered all the queries in a fitting manner to help the world. When ever developments takes place in any country, the uprooting or cutting of trees are common and to equalize that we have to replace in nearby places for a query raised about this and his answer as above.
His aim was to be one lakh trees to be planted in this year. Ralso the Agric, Scientist Mr M S Swaminathan gave a suggestion to the Govt. of India to plant many trees near the seashores to protect the peoples from the ATOMIC power plants, as recently the Japan faced the problem. By planting the tree the trees will be a like a SPEED BAKER TO REDUCE THE POWER OF THE TSUNAMI and help a little in destroying the Atomic power Plants,
Ao our great Vikram has taken this great job and very soon he will be announcing his website page launch and his fan’s association will carry out the work and the recently appointed a small committee. He will also be available in TWITTER and all the ID’s details will be given in a day or two and who ever wants to do this ever green India of planting trees can join and do the best for the veteran actor VIKRAM
Pro:: nikil
Kumar srinivas, photo/video-journalists