ANJANA CINEMAS presents “Maithanam” a Tamil Movie with almost new stars, from a village story about four friends of different families. Out of that one friend has got a sister (Swasika) and parents Agathiyan the Director , Rama. She loves a friend of his brother who is appearing for police department work. But he refuses to that as she is his friend’s sister and it won’t be good. He also says it will create so many problems and he does not want to do anything against his friendship.
In the middle one of the relative like uncle comes to Agathiyan’s house and asking his daughter for a relative boy. Everything with engagement goes on well. The Mariage work like purchases, making payment for the choultry, sarees , ornaments, etc.
In this juncture the girl (Swasika) shanthi misses. The four friends went in search of her and it is going on. Agathiyan gives police complaint. After verified by the police with the four friends and returns. In this one friend who comes to his house opens it, and goes interior in the house in a room the girl is tied in a chair and kept as a hostage. Actually he loves her, from the beginning and it was not known to anybody even the movie watchers won’t be in a position to guess, only guess the friend who is in search and waiting for the police job as shanthi love him.
A fantastic style, dialogues, story, action by each and everybody in their roles, songs, music, camera superb, hats off to the director for maintaining the village story in an excellent love, suspense story.
Cast: Sureshguru, Jothiraj, Siva, Kennedy, Swasika (has got bright future), Agathiyan (Director) doen very well, Rama, Mayilsamy
, Kokila, Saliya Beevi, Mahesh, Udumalai & others.
Tech.: Producer: S David, J.T. Sathishkumar, Co-Producer: Udumalai C.R., P Karthikeyan, Written & Directed by: M S Sakthivel, Camera: L K Vijay (beautiful), Music: Sabesh-Murali & A G Mahesh, Editing: Yoga Bhasker, Choreography: Uma, Art: C G, Lyrics: Bharathiyar, Na. Muthukumar, Sivaraj, Audiography: G Krishnan, D F.Tech.,DCostumes: Masanam, Make-up: P L Mariappan, Admn. Producer: Manoj, Stills: Chandru, Designs: NHB Media, singers: Chimayee, Hariharan, Mahesh & Prasanna.
Postedby: kumar srinivas, photo/video-Journalist