A film by Bala and lead roles Arya& Vishal.
Arya & Vishal are brothers and their mothers are Prabha Ramesh & Ambika. Father is Ananth Vaithyanathan. In this Director G M Kumar as Jameen Theerthapathi. It is a small hill side village the Jameen is head and his followers are Arya & Vishal doing everything for him. Arya & Vishal family been marked as thief family. But Arya wants to become a Drama Artist. Once for a school function Actor Surya been called and infront of him Arya do his all kinds of actions and it was well applauded by Actor Surya, his brother Vishal and others. Always the fights between Ambika and Prabha Ramesh. In some cases they joins too.
Janani Iyer a delhi based Tamil known Artist is a debut and act as a women police constable and in love with Arya. Madhu Shalini a tutorial college student loves Vishal.She is the daughter of Forest Officer, once made the Jameen Theerthabathi in shameful manner. Jameen is having a tough stand with that forest officer. The matter is going on.
In the middle one day Jameen Theerthapathi was riding his Plymouth car in hill road with Vishal asst. Boy Master Vignesh and on the road there goes 4-5 lorries with cattles, he overtakes that lorries and stops it. Enquires and come to know that those were for slaughters. He informs everybody and the Main man behind it was taken into custody and jailed.
After his release the Jameen Theerthapathi was taken to his place in the cattle godown tortures him nakedly. The next day morning the village witness a scene the Jameen hangs in a tree where below a small river runs. Vishal gets swooned, Arya claims the tree and relieves the body. The body all well arranged in a grand manner and kept in a chariot as per Jameen culture, and body been taken to burial ground, in the meantime Arya & Vishal collapses the man who killed Jameen and Arya breaks his one leg and hand.
All things over and the body been kept for keeping fire on the body. Kept the fire and we think where Arya left the man after breaking his leg & hand gone. In the Jameen body full flames on, the camera zooms and in the fire gap the man is sitting beneath the body of Jameen chariot, thus taken revenge.
The Movie of Bala has make us to funk in dialogues, the Director G M Kumar as Jameen made naked and tortured and hanging a cruelty in Tamil Movies, really shocks the audiences. May be that kind of cruelty there and already so many things happening in world and in India too, but seeing with family will be a question mark. Story, Screenplay, dialgues by BALA.