Chennai, 02 August 2011 An evening of music, dance and drama by kids for underprivileged kids
The Kids For Kids’s (KFK) is a social organization based in Chennai. Founded by a group of enthusiastic youngsters, the objective is to give children a platform to hone their talents and use it for the betterment of abandoned, neglected, discriminated and deprived children. KFK encourages excellence in each of its members and strives to be a blessing for others
Ascend 2011 is the KFK’s fourth concert. Since its inception in 2007 with 7 children, KFK today boasts of over 70 children from the age of 3. What drives these children is the KFK motto “Do what you can with what you have”. The kids use their God given talent to transform the lives of other underprivileged children, one life at a time. While most of their friends are busy at gaming arcades, cinemas and malls these kids are attempting to be change agents by stringing together their time to help give disadvantaged children a life that is as close to normal as possible. Ace director Gautham Menon, chief guest at one of our concerts said “…..we must be proud to know and have kids like this……..and because of them there is hope for the future”

All the proceeds of the concert go towards initiatives targeted expressly at children. In 2007 the KFK supported 21 HIV+ kids. In 2008 they supported over 80 Sri Lankan refugee children in a camp near Cheyyar, Chengalpet. In 2009 they supported the Holy Angel’s School, Porur and in 2010 the KFK adopted and took care of their educational needs of 6 orphans and supported over 46 HIV+ children’s’ educational needs. The goal for 2011 is to build a supplementary education system for slum children and give them an opportunity to relocate to a safe and secure home, support prisoners children and to create sports clubs for disadvantaged children thereby giving them a vent to air their frustrations and a channel to positively streamline their energy.
To share our vision, join the KFK or for further details and tickets for Ascend 2011 please contact us on 9884006283 / 9840469886, visit our Website or email us on