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Shobana, a rare combination of a dancer, researcher, choreographer, teacher, actress has evolved a complete form of body movement , based on training in rigorous discipline for over 30 years as well as the study of Bharata sashtra .
She is the founder director of Kalarpana an institution to impart a holistic view on the various aspects of dance practical, theoretical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual

Shobana has been featured in over 225 films in over 6 languages and has been awarded four film fare awards and two state awards and two national awards for her film mitr my friend and manichitra thazhu .
She has also been awarded the natya acharya award from the ‘sri kala mandir ‘ as well the kalaimamani from the government of tamil nadu.

Her interpretation of the art form inspired collaborations with masters valayapatti subramniam and sri vikku vinayak ram .. dr padma subramaniam , sonal mansingh, sri u. shrinivas, ganesh kumaresh and ustad zakir hussain .

Other than thematic productions, She has written and directed musical ‘maya ravan’ that is a confluence of theatre, classical dance and films.
Shobana is the youngest actor to receive the padmasri in 2006.
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Members of the press,

Mr siva – the gem grove

I would first like to welcome you to not only my institute, but also to my home today .. there was a debate on whether I should hold this meet in a hotel and we decided that we should share with you this space, in which these creative pursuits take place.

My last production ‘ maya raven ‘ was a resounding success only because the encouragement of the press and I would like to express my gratitude as well as thank the members who have turned up in large gathering s

Krishna , is a dialogue drama where we have used some classical , folk and film dances to make up of rthe production .

Krishna, idhoru isai naatiya chitram.

Bhagavan sree krsihnar ubadesiththa thuthuvangale miga ellimayaaga makkalidam kondu serrka oru muyarchi.

Idhil karnataaka sangeetham mattum illamal, tamizh mattrum hindi Malayalam thiraipada paadalgal kondu amaithirikirom

Thirai pada paadalgal yen yendral , idhan moolyam aaga krishnar odaye vazhkei pagudhigalei unarchi mayamaaga solla mudiyum yenna naan nambigiren,

Some of the lesser known stories are also touched upon as well as his role in the Mahabharata ..
I can only say at this point is that though we have worked relentlessly for almost a year , every day has been a celebration in this very hall .

Krishna virrku aangilathil pala prabhala nadigargal pinnnani kural alithirikiraargal .

Then indhiya kalaignar surya vum indha muyarchiyil pangupetraar endral , avarikku nam kalachaarathin meedhu iruukum aarvatheyyum eedupaateyum kaatigiradhu. Youngsters kku ippadi patta aarvam varaverkka thukkadhu –

To mention the opther cast , I have three of the best actresses in our time today lending their voices to the production – shabana azmi, who plays gandhari, konkona sen as radha , nandita das as draupadi

From here we have our very own pravhu as bhemman radhika as devaki,
Milind soman as duryodhan

In nigazhchi krsihnaririn pirrandha naal aana janmashtami andru , 22nd Chennai yil music academy il nadai perum.

Naangal kadanda 8 maadhangalaaga idharkku uzhaithirikirom … to deliver on janmashtami ,

Engaludaye main sponsor gem group in pakka balamindri ippadi oru nigazhchiyei nadathirikka mudiyaadhu .. they have been strongly and silently supporting us for the past 8 months and I would like thank them for it.

Though they had come in as presenting sponsors, they were so involved in promoting arts that we are now collaborating in presenting my branch of kalarpana in the ITcorridor .