August Rush at KFK’s Ascend 2011
Chennai, 30th August 2011
ASCEND 2011 – A group of 70 enthusiastic kids in the age group of 3 to 24 got together to be change agents for kids their own age at Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall.
It’s just not the festivities of Independence day and Ramzan that makes August so eventful and special it was also Ascend 2011 an evening of music, dance and drama by the Kids for Kids (KFK) for underprivileged kids.
If you’re wondering what Ascend is, you just missed out on an opportunity to witness a power packed, foot thumping , adrenalin pumping concert, an initiative by the Kids For Kids. Ascend 2011 is the KFK’s fourth concert , since its inception in 2007 with 6 children, KFK has grown from strength to strength. Today KFK boasts of over 70 enthusiastic kids in the age group of 3 to 24. What drives these children is the KFK motto “Do what you can with what you have”. The kids use their God given talent to transform the lives of other underprivileged children, one life at a time. While most of their friends are busy at gaming arcades, cinemas and malls these kids are attempting to be change agents by stringing together their time to help give disadvantaged children a life that is as close to normal as possible. All the proceeds of the concert go towards initiatives targeted expressly at unfortunate children’s needs. The KFK supports over 250 Kids.

Each of these live-wires have together contributed to over 4 months of hard practice getting the rhythm and harmony right for every song and coordinating every move. The electrifying performances started with the Youth of the KFK, their English and Tamil renditions kept the auditorium asking for more. The God Squad of the KFK made their entrance with their version of “Its My Life” and rocked the auditorium with their scintillating performance and gave way for the Choir of the KFK. The kids in their white, blue and red Ascend tee’s kept the packed auditorium shaking their legs. The choreo team’s moves complemented the main singers Rebecca Abraham, Nithin Zac and Shilpa George.

Special Guest for this years Concert, renowned Pediatrician Dr Kuruvilla Thomas proudly said “We have a lot to learn from these children who have learnt to share their talents, time and resources with the less fortunate”. The show stopper was the short skit with a powerful message of the two thieves on the cross along with Jesus, the skit was modernized to the present day scenario. The President of the KFK gave a presentation with the break up of what has been done so far and what the 2011 initiatives were. The super kids followed and were a treat to the eyes with their jives to the popular remake of the song La Bamba among other songs. The grand finale was the We Are The World rendition that had the entire gathering joined in. The evening was a showcase of great musical talent coupled with the grit, determination and commitment of kids who will do what it takes so each one can reach one
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