Story based on two gangsters in Madurai area one is Puratchi Thamizhan Sathiyaraj and Suman. The Hero of the Movie Santhanu Bagyaraj is a young teenaged boy without parents. He works in a Mill as a daily labour and has a house in a slum area.

In this Sathyaraj (lingam) decides to have a very big building to be constructed in that Santhanu’s area and by paying some extra amount to that place, also threatening the people got all the places except Santhanu (gopal) place. Sathanu has never seen Sathyaraj and sathyaraj at one time sees Sathanu, while saving a man attempting for suicide from a bridge to fall into a reiver. He made up his mind a boy like this to be his son as Sathyaraj does not have any family. But the other gangster Suman has got a family with children.

Sathyaraj slowly moves with Santhanu and getting his love. Once sathyaraj’s Right hand and best guider Delhi Ganesh (Sangili) was admitted in the hospital, a phone comes to Sathyaraj from the Hospital from his men stating that Sangili being admitted. He rushes to the Hospital and convinces sangli to take care, in the meantime gets a call from santhanu (gopal) and returns. Here he says that one of his friend got admitted and needs to be eye operated and needs one lakh rupee. Sathanu(gopal) asks him that he will make arrangements and asks sathyaraj to ahead with the operation.

He gaves one lakh to Sthyaraj the next day. He was tunned and hearing the news from his agent that who refused to give the land in the area where sathyaraj tries to contruct a building for the business and Santhanu sells it off for just one lakh.

In the meantime santhanu fells love with Sanakhan (Mega) and she have a uncle who is in love with her and will do anything for her. Even at one stage a man who tries to touch Mega lost his hand being cut by his uncle. Here comes to know about santhanu-Sanakhan love and joins hands with Soman who is against Sathyaraj from the beginning. A police team formed to encounter sathyaraj and the new Commissioner of police gives him time to live a peaceful life and sathyaraj was doing the thing for Santhanu’s good relationship and affection as he needs it, somebody to show love against him.

The fights went on between Santhanu-KamalKamaraj-Suman-Sathyaraj, and in this sathyaraj and soman dies, sthyaraj before this writing all his properties in the name of Gopal and Delhi Ganesh explaining all the things and hands over the will to him, when sathyaraj head was in santhanu’s thigs’.

Really a GANGSTER too has got heart, feeling and expects affection, was well shown by Director S P HOSIMIN.
Santhanu, Sanakhan, Sathyaraj, Suman, Kanja Karuppu (comedy-good), Delhi Ganesh, Kamal Kamaraju, Pithamagan Magadevan, Theepetti Ganesh & others has done their roles excellent.

Music by Seekanth Deva, Camera: D Kannan, Lyrics: Vairamuthu, Stunts: Super Subbrayan, Choreography: Dinesh, Shobi, Paulraj, Susithiraachandrabose, Baba Bhasker, Ajayraj, Editing: G Sasikumar, PRO: NIKIL.

Songs 7 is lenthy. Altogether Hosimin has done it.
Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist