VAAGAI SOODA VAA-Tamil-Review***

Yet another Movie by Director S Sargunam, will definitely touch the heart of millions. Mainly dedicated to eradicate the CHILD LABOUR. Keep it up.

Vimal as usual a village youth character, son of Bhgyaraj a document writer and his wishes to become a Government Employee that not happened and he expects his son to be as he has finished PUC + Teachers Training a story in 1960’s.

He leaves for a remote village near Pudukkottai, an area full of Brick chamber and its peoples. Children too work there as labours. A Social welfare group sends him there to give training to the children and after doing that he will be provided with a certificate and he can get a government job as teacher.

The heroine Iniya is having a tea shop and small petty shop with her father Thambi ramaiya. He used to give some sums orally and used to ask for the answers. Vimal arranges his food with Iniya and paying for it. There are two groups of owners for getting the Bricks one is Ponvannan and other one. He cames and asks for the bricks and he was about to be given the order there Ponvannan comes and takes the order of challenging his quality of bricks.

Vimal slowly getting into the heart of the people there and one by one sending their children to the school of. One day Vimal counts the Bricks and it war around 2000 and odd, and tells the people there that it is around 200 +, if the Man from the owner who gets the bricks by paying advance amount and always keeping them in his custody. The man comes and counts the bricks, in that one lady asks the man, sir, how many bricks are available in that row and he answers that it was around 1250, she got shocked and takes his boy to the school and left him to vimal to give education.

In this situation one day Ponvannar comes to the Brick chamber and sees the work and returns. When he was coming all children gives him respect by standing and while returning everybody was stitting. This grudge he was having in his mind and asks his men to make Vimal to run away from that small village. Vimal was beaten by the gang and in turn the children started pelting stones and the elders were attacking Ponvannan’s gang.

On hearing this incidence Ponvannan comes to the spot and asks them to pay the money what advance paid by him and asking them to leave the area as it is their forefathers found that area to make bricks. There comes the opposite team and ready to make the advance. Ponvannan objects, there vimal’s father Bhagyaraj enters and tell about the Law. Every body were silent and after coming to Vimal’s house in that village he shows an order from Government that he got appointment. He tells him that he will go to Murugan temple and come in the morning and asking him to straight away to come to a place mentioned by him. He explains everything that how the children and others still believe that he will be back to that village and he like to be there and if his father says it as wrong he is prepare to accept the Government Job. His father says it is left to him to decide and he is in no way will disturb him. He comes to the village. There the Nambirajan says that the post women came and gave a letter to him and as he has left he asks the lady to read it and in that it is mentioned that due to insufficient funds the social service department not able to pay him his salary in future and he can return back to his place. He decided to work in the Brick chambers and the peoples in the chambers tell him that let him take care of the childrens’ education and they will take care of him.

INIYA acting wonderful, music fine, camera excellent, art fine, editing superb, TOTALLY SARGUNAM ACHIEVED.

Story, screenplay, dialogues & Direction: A Sargunam
Produced by: S Muruganandam N Poorana
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Kumar srinivas
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