Story & Direction By Rajan Madhav Tamil Movie MURAN starring Cheran, Prasanna, Jayaprakash, Haripriya, Suma Bhattacharya, Nikitha & others is a new style of story.

Cheran a Music Man comes to Bangalore for a story discussion and Music for a Movie. There he saws a man Prasanna in full drunken stage and standing on a Hall wall in 2nd or 3rd floor of the Hotel and he is telling in a tongue twisted mood that he is going to jump in the swimming pool behind him from the tall wall. Everybody explains about him.

While returning from Bangalore to Chennai cheran’s vehicle got repaired and in the middle and tries to stop the passing vehicles, but in vain. There came Prasanna’s car stopped just some yards from Cheran and while he takes his violin and paggage and starts to reach the car, the car again moves little bit and vexed with than cheran returns to his car. Prasanna comes back and picks him.

On the way they were discussing about their lives. In that Cheran got married and his wife is Nikitha (indhu) and she does not like music and always comments about him. She was having some other boy friends. Prasanna Hails from a very big family of multi company owner’s son. In that company there works Suma Bhattacharya (Linda) was born in illegal way and was treated very badly in the society and she always hates the Men. At times used to beat men when commented about her birth. There Prasanna Loves her acting. Once she went abroad with his father and when she returns she says that she was taken to a wrong task by his father and she cannot continue the love with him. This is what Prasanna says to Cheran. Cheran story is right. Here Prasanna plans that with having a bad life like this he will take the task of eradicating his wife and Cheran has to eradicate his father who has done a wrong thing and spoiled the life of Linda (Suma Bhattacharya) also got sucide thus to take revenge.

Step by step everything is taking place Cheran wife dies in a car mishap, the relative of Cheran wife Indhu is a Sub Inspector and he started asking questions and he too due to short circuit in his house dies, because of Prasanna. Cheran started loving Haripriya (Lavanya) and Prasanna started threatening him to kill his father to get the properties by giving a revolver. Plan also given and all plans got unsuccessful.

Last Plan that there is a meeting in a star hotel his father is having and he will be in Bangalore and will stay in as usual hotel, in that time for relax from the meeting his father will come to his Hotel room and that time he has to shoot him. But while staying in Bangalore there comes cheran suddenly and Prasanna was in full drinks mood and a fight goes between them in that Prasanna slipped from the terrace and on the edge, Cheran never tries to save him, thus slipped and fell in the ground instead of swimming pool. In that the Hotel peoples who know him very well as he is regular customer says with full drinks and always used to say that he will dive into the swimming pool this time by wrongly landed in the land instead of swimming pool in full drunken mood he has done it, by seeing all the things Cheran walks away and comes to Chennai and in the Beach he realizes that he has done a good job and throws the revolver into the beach
co-Production: cheran’s ‘Dream Theatres’
Music: Sajjan Madhav, Camera: Padmesh, Editing: Arun Durairaj, art: JPK Prem, Stunts: Rajasekar, Choreographer: Sridhar, Lyrics: Priyan, Lalithananth,
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