“RA RA” **

Produced by Keerthiga UIdhaya , Story. Screenplay and Directed by Sandilya the Movie Ra Ra is a love based story between two extreme communities.

Udhaya hails from a orthodox Brahmin family with Ponvannan as his father and Meera Krishnan as Mother with a elder Brother, his wife and two kids. Also have one unmarried sister. Ponvannan is a very big businessman and he too have rivals in his business. He is very fond of Tiruvalluvan and used to read his Kural daily. His House is also with the statue of Tiruvalluvar with his wordings.

Udhaya was very naughty and used to do all types of jobs for the house and as well as in business to promote the sale. His elder brother was not so interested in those things and always used to say that Udhyaa only knows all the things.

Here Udhaya fells in love with Swetha Basu. Hero truned Comedian Sathyan with his family and making some comedy. Once Udyaa comes to know that Swetha Basu hails from fishermen family and visits her house. The Tamil language spoken by their entire family is entirely different. He says to Gayathri (Swethabasu) that he loves her only for her heart and not for the community. He arrages Sathya to give teaching them the Brahmin language. In the meantime he brings her to his home and all are very much interested on her.

A plan goes and comes to Ponvannan’s residence to speak about the marriage. Swethebasu brother is Athiya and his wife is Mynaa susan. All matter over and Ponvannan says that he will visit their house one day. They are making arrangements to have one house at Royepettah from royapuram (native place) and gets a house for rental. While the visit of Ponvannan goes on, the rivalry group of Ponvannan wants to inform him the position about the girls’ side and from where they hails like that threatens Adithya. A fight goes on in this and udhyaa also takes part in the fight.

On hearing and seeing all these things Ponvannan himself lands in the fight and warns the rival group men that, when he was at childhood and asked for a job to a businessman he asked about the Tirukural and he says he does not knows that. He read it and tells that businessmen and got the job as well as the businessmen has given his daughter Meera Krishan as his wife, thus he is also not a Brahmin and now living the life because of the brought up. Director Sandilya has done it extreme two different caste love affair.
Music : Srikanth Deva (good), Camera: R Saravanan, Editing:Surajkavi, Stunts: Kanal Kannan, Dialogues: Prakash Ramasamy, Art : Vairabalan, Choreography: S L Balaji, Chinni Prakash, Ajay, Ashok Raja.

Production: Keerthiga Udhyaa
Pro:: nikil

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