Karu. Palaniappan after giving hits this one a late one. Released after a gap of years, now running successfully some moves regards to scribes. If it would have been earlier means will be a Box office hit, but late is not a failure a success means.
Srikanth being a investigative Journalists spends his some time in Jail and writes a story about the happenings in the Jail. Writes about it the Law Minister, Jail superindent, officials lost their posts. Writes about a Gangster who owns many Multi story buildings and he demolishes one Building looses about 2 crores, takes a womens college Interview where Sonia studies. From the beginning itself the two got a wrap in bank by giving the pen and in bus exchange problem and fall in love with each other.
In the middle while he was waiting for her and gets a call from her that she is standing opposite side and speaking over cell and crossing the road, suddenly was kidnapped in an Maruti Omni. This is the story and who has kidnapped, how, why? The question raises?
Suspecting all the Law Minister, The gangster, and had a fight inside the Jail who tries to kill a man and he saves him, on the plot man who tries to kill. But all in vain and going on….
Please see the movie and see who it is. Really Karu.Palaniappan has done in a very neat and systematic manner thus keeping the suspense. Whether he saves Sonia or not that is the story.
Mucis:Vidhya sagar, Camera: Diwakar, Editing:Suresh Urs, Stunts: Super subbarayan, Art: Rajeevan( a set on the waster surrounded by hills – Hats off), Costumes: Nalini Sriram, Choreography: Dinesh, PRO:: NIKIL
Story, Screenplay, dialogues & Direction: KARU. PALANIAPPAN
Kumar srinivas/photo-video journalist