Dream warriar pictures
Movie Director Sankar Dayal says that in “MAHABHARATHAM” Lord Krishna is the hero by doing so many miracles by attacking calculations and in the same story SAGUNI name looks like a wrong character but equilant to Krishnan. He also will be a fitting person for Krishna. In this character Karthi acts and saguni means who do the best in so many calculative, tricky ways for the best like Krishna.
In this mopvie there is no villain character and Karthi who comes from village to city and there is no villain he faces the challenges in tricky ways and outcoming out of it. Mainly if you do a best thing to the really needy persons you will get the best from that and this is the sotry of mine and for Karthi I have done this story, the Director Sankar Dayal says. Nazer, Kotta Sreenivasa Rao, Radhika, Roja, Mumtaj, for making more comedy santhanam has been given an extra character. For Heroine ‘Praneetha’ been selected fro Telegu Movie Baba. G V Prakash Music, P G Muthiah Camera, I hope to give a village, turned city based, comedy and all commercials in this movie.
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