AFTER “Mynaa” Prabhu Solomon has again enters the forest for the New Movie Kumki. An elephant takes around 300 litres of water a day, but humans we, for our selfishness by eradicating the forest and started our own territories and made the Big Animal to search for their livelihood.
We have done so many things and for our own sake done so many things and still to-day the foresh people leads their life and keeping the natural to its own position, leads a happy life. A man who trains the elephant and treats it as friend and he will obey to it and it will obey to him. The so called elephants trained is called KUMKI. The job of the Kumkis is to control the elephants which enter the towns, villages, for their food, water will be driven away. Elephants has got its own love, affection and well known memory powers. It will smell waters to some kilometers and reaches there to get it, even it is a dry land. They will dug it with legs, tusks and have it.
Elephants has got its own body of its weight & height. If a man stands near to that means he should have that body, for that we have selected Vikram Prabhu. He is now the incharge of the Elephant which is doing its role in this movie from giving baths to Medicine etc.,. Heroine is Lakshmi Menon. With this the love story is also there.
Posted by: kumar srinivas/photo-video/journalist