V Ravichandran
Ilayathalapathy VIJAI in
Velayutham* * *
Ascar films V Ravichandran once again given an fully entertainment commercial with a family background of sister and brother affection. Movie starts with a Home Minister of the state Tamilnadu was kidnapped to Afghanisthan and given a task to make tamilnadu in a bad shape by bombs. He also accepts and tells everything is in his control and will do it and takes money for that.
He leaves for Chennai to purchase some items for his sister’s marriage. There he was forced to see some scenes and doing good the public. In the mean time Jeliliya and two others were reporters/cameraman/videographer and take a very sensitive case. There they were recognized and three were stabbed seriously, out if two dies and Jililiya was admitted to Hospital.
The village brought up Vijay after facing so many incidents that too was one that he has deposited some money little by little in a chit company and the manager has asked him to collect the cheque for Rs.15 lakhs to –morrow and he says he wants cash for purchase thing for his sister and want cash only and the manager in turn says to collect the cash the day late. But all of a sudden the chit company was closed under the instructions of the owner and everybody was shock and he too. He was doing some things (like thuppariyum Sambu) and it comes as real and detect so many blasts planted in around city. This was told by Jililiya that it is velayutham. Everybody praises Velayutham but does not know who is velayutham. In the the Girl of Vijai’s uncle M S Bhasker daughter is in love with vijay in related style and Jililiya too in love with Vijay. But vijay at one stage tells her that he will marry only his uncle’s daughter Hanisha.Santhanam comedy is good.
At last the Home Minister makes a plan to introduce VELAYUTHAM punlically in a stadium and call everybody the public to come and assemble and see hi. Everything was ready and original Vlayutham *Vijai) been tied up and kept and the Afgan terrorist in the role & style of Valayutham comes there and he was taken to task. The discussions of the Home Minister, The Afgan Terrorist and vijai was published in the big screen kept in the stadium. How? Why? See the movie.
Starring:Vijay, Santhanam, Jeliliya, Habisha, Saramya Mohan, Pandiyaraj (plays as constable) M s Bhasker, Suri, Black Pandi, Shyaji Pande, Vinith Kumar, Abimanyu Singh, TECH: Dialogue: Subha, Music Director:Vijay Antony, Cameraman: Priyan (Excellent), Editor V T Vijayan, Stunt : Silver (suoer)Art Director:Millan (good), Dance choreographers: Brinda, Sbohi, Dinesh, Premdakshith, Ashok, Lyricsts : Lyricsts : sivashanmugam, vivega. Annamalai, & priyan,.
Production Executive: Senthil Kumar, C-Producer: Suresh
Producer:V Ravichandran, Story: Direction: M RAJA, PRO:: Johnson
kumar srinivas
photo/video journalist