JACKIE’s 1OOth Movie

Jackie Chan a super hero having cores of fans, admirers, releasing his 1ooth Movie named as “1911” by 19th Nov, 2011 in English & Tamil.

The Story of the Movie contains getting Independence from Kings’ rule and struggles in the 1911 just 100 years back in China. Kings ruled 1644 to 1912 and against that rule a revolution took place and in China got Independence in 1912. To make his film a historical success, to China’s development, & to dedicate to China for the historical freedom struggle , thus named it as 1911 at a cost of around 250 crores.

The Distributor is famous Sai of Valmart Films already distributed Hits like Seedan, Ethan, Vagai Sooda Vaa, Mangatha and so on is releasing this movie.

PRO: Mounamravi

Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist