Radhakrishnan Parthiypan
(With a Gun)

Ra Parthiban Director, Actor has made a film Vithagan Produced by 7th Channel Communications Manicam Narayan in a very good mannaer of a Police Officer.

Parthiban the Rowthiran an Assistant Commissioner of police as he hails froma Police family and his father was very strict and due to some pressure he left the job. But all the things what made Parthiban’s mind to become a Police officer as he was made to study in a private school without the parents presence. He was very strict in the duty and do the best for the public.

The Deputy commissioner of Police is opposite to his activities and having ties with the don’s and criminals makes money out of it. At one stage Ra Parthibans history was brought to the book as he joins the department as a lone man without any family. Was forced to go out of the job, but still has in his mind only as police officer and fight as a Gangster and completely eradicate the Team work.

After saving the orphans from a politician and hands them over to a school, he meets there the Heroine Poorna and she loves him and the too. But all gone due to the fight he had with the gangsters.

Really songs are all at to-days youth style, camera excellent, his makeup, body weight has come down to fit a police officer.Music : Joshua Sridhar, Camera M S Prabhu, Ramnath Reddy, Editing Antony, Stunts Dilip Subbarayan, Art R K Vijay Murugan, Stills Vishnu, Choreography Sridhar, Gaensh /aacharya, Lyrics Ra Parthiban,
Productionb : Manicam Narayan, 7th Channel Communications
Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist