My heart felt Greetings and good wishes to all people of Tamilnadu.My
film “DAM999” is not a kind of film which hurts the value, culture or
sentiments of Tamil people.

“DAM999” is completely a true story about the disaster caused by the
DAM in the 1975 at Banqiuo a place in china which killed 2, 50,000

“DAM999” is film purely based on how this tragic disaster caused by
the DAM swallowing many people ‘s lives it has got nothing to do with
any Dam’s in India or especially in Tamilnadu .
I always have great respect and regards towards the Tamil people,
their culture and their values and sentiments never will I bring it down.

I give a strong assurance that my film “DAM 999” doesn’t have any shots or
dialogue creating bad impression about Tamil people or Tamilnadu.

I kindly appeal to all Tamil people that “DAM999” is not the film which
hurts the feeling or sentiments of people of Tamilnadu, it is just film
based on a true story. Please understand and kindly do treat this film
for a good cause and awareness.

We are ready to hold a special preview of the movie for the respectable tamil
political leaders and willsurely remove any shot or dialogue from the film if they find it so.

Personally I believe Tamilnadu need water from mullaperiyar. Since Kerala got sufficient water,
the best solution for Mullaperiyar issue is to construct a bigger dam at the earliest to replace
the old one so that Tamil people will get more water and lives of Keralites can saved as well.

Thanks & Regards,

Sohan Roy


Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist