Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo and Kalaignar TV are proud to announce the launch of a mega show, and one of a kind venture in the Tamil television industry, the ESTILO SAKALA KALA VALLAVAN. Inspired from Maruti Zen Estilo’s ‘Take a fresh view of life’, this reality-talent hunt-show challenges the audience to look at the surprising and refreshing possibilities in life. This is a show that highlights the
positivity of human skill and its immense potential. This aims to provide an opportunity that offers numerous hitherto unknown individuals a chance to exhibit their unique skill sets and to turn that into success. Yes we have seen talent shows for singing or dancing, but unlike any of them Estilo
Sakalakala Vallavan is all about a multi-faceted personality with talent which spans many fields.
Estilo as a brand and product stands for everything pristine and unique. In its category, Estilo is
associated with status and as a car for the accomplished and is a symbol of success. Estilo customers
pride themselves to be people who have ‘arrived’ in life and are willing to look beyond the ordinary
and mundane and take a fresh, positive view of life. It is not only the merit but also the attitude that
sets them apart. Similarly, Estilo as a car is a metaphor of being a ‘true all rounder’. With perfect
style, design, performance, drive comfort and elegant interiors, the Estilo in itself is a complete
package; a ‘Sakala Kala Vallavan’ among cars in its category! Merit comes from the strong and
unique characteristics of the product where as attitude is about how the brand connects with the
consumers and allowing them to ‘Take a fresh view of life’.
Often in history, people who have made significant changes and contributed positively to the
progress of civilization have been multi-talented and been able to think and create in a lateral and
fresh manner. In the current world scenario and with India’s aspirations to clinch the title as a world
leader, it’s just vital that more multi-talented individuals come forth and lead, be it any industry,
any medium. In the entertainment sector as well, it’s often the multi-talent individuals and groups,
who can collectively evolve and generate a variety of novel ideas that will that lead the way. Look at
popular sports like Cricket-all rounders make a better impact and contribute more towards a team’s
So it’s only apt that the Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo comes forward to find, from the vastly talented
populace of South India, individuals who are also true all-rounders. This reality-show-event, which
is aimed at the whole of Tamil Nadu, will give individuals/groups an ideal and exclusive platform to
showcase their unique talents, and be recognized by the world and get rewarded in the process.
Estilo Sakala kala vallavan will initially travel across the span of Tamil Nadu and find out talented
individuals/groups through auditions, and will then have them perform and compete in front of a
worldwide television audience. They will be groomed, guided and evaluated by some of the leading
names in the entertainment industry in their path to glory. This show with years of planning behind
it promises to be a truly amazing event in the history of Tamil Television.take
Take a fresh view of life
Take a fresh view of life
This show is also an amalgamation of the current leaders in the various industry. Maruti Suzuki is
the unparalleled car manufacturer in the country. Kalaignar TV, the leading and most aggressively
marketing television network in Tamil Nadu is our media partner for this venture. To bring this epic
event of world class stature, we have strategically teamed up with other titans of the industry as
well – Hello FM and Ananda Vikatan are respectively the radio and print partners. This apart, we
supported for the gifts and other offers by leading consumer durable brands. The show is conceived
and produced by Gravity Entertainment.
Information about the Show
Estilo Sakala Kala Vallavan is a talent hunt show. The show is open to both the sexes and the age
criterion is between 18 yrs – 35 yrs. Individuals and groups can participate. Any kind of talent
and skill that can be performed on a stage or an indoor space can be showcased. This means that
the skills are not limited to singing, dancing and music. Performers/artists with more than one
talent stand a better chance to be selected. The competition will be on elimination basis, results
based on the reviews and feedback of a select panel of esteemed judges, who are maestros in the
entertainment industry.
The show will be telecast weekly on Kalaignar TV, every Sunday 4.30pm- 5 pm, from the 4th of
December 2011.