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“OSTHI” ***
STR (Simbu) starring Osthi a remake from Hindi Dabang with Richa Gangathbhoy with others. OSTHI a Tamil Movie Directed by Dhool, Gilli fame Dharani a entertainment movie as STR as a Inspector of Police not so perfect. Revathy is his mother and got a brother Jithan Ramesh and father is Nazer. Step father. The two from the birth itself not having good deal.
STR in Tirunelveli district with the family and languages like that, he strikes with a Gangster Sonu Sooth who is trying for a Political shade and has to become as a MLA.
Nazer who runs a oil factory runs into loss. Jithan Ramesh is in love with Nizhalgal Ravi’s daughter and Nazer expects Rs.15/- lakhs as dowry. Vijayakumar in the role of the Political party leader and under his guidance only the gangster Sonu Sooth tries for the political support. While he was to do the poll campaign and gives Rs.25 lahs to his men to distribute to a village people, it was ransacked by the Inspector Osthy Velu (STR), there starts the trouble.
Santhanam, Mayilsamy, Thambi Ramaiya, Vaiyapuri as Police constables and done a good comedy.
While doing all the things he meets Richa in her house and her father is in always in Hot drinks.
The rigs between father, brother and getting married to Richa and his brother too marries the liked girl and proves everything is the Osthi Velu’s role and Dharani has done it well.
Music by Thaman S scored a good Music, Camera S Gopinath, Dialogues Bharathan, Editing V T Vijayan, Art Maniraj, Stunts Kanal Kannan, Ram-Lakshman, Silva (good), Choregraphy Kalyan, Robert.

Special Appearance: Mallika Sherawath & others and the song dance is fine.
Vijaya.T. Rajendar, L R Eswara & Sola Sai Song Kalasala is a hit in tuning, hearing and the dance. Lyrics Vali, yugabharathi, STR & SUNG byy STR(Pendatti) all good.

Produced by T Ramesh
PRO: Nikil

Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist