Film story, screenplay, dialogues, Productions , Directed by Thiyagarajan. A Story starts with in a ground the workers digging the sand and there gets a sand pot in Vijayakumars’ hand and he always so sincere and tell all others workers that anything found beneath the ground it should be handed over to the Govrnment, The Zamin by threaten takes everything which contains gold coins to his home. The next day Vijaykumar goes to police station and informs the things and the zamin was arrested, He takes a revene to eradicate the entire family of Vijayakumar. But his two sons were in forest to do some work not bad one only to help the poor.

Vijayakumar, his wife were brutally killed by the zamin men and it came to Mamatiyam (prasanth) and his brother umai. They takes revene on them. The things is going on in the dense forest. Another man called Mamattiyan (Riyazh) do the same things and keeps everthing for him.

Ond day Meera Jasmine comes to this willage to a select a boy for the marriage and was attatched by mamuttiyan and taken all goods from them and after getting impressed, he gave all the things to her. In the House of the boy when she arrives, so many nasty queries and she decided to stay there itself.

She loves mamittiyan and he says his days are counted because of police searching, even though she loves him. One of his firned who always with him to pass the message to village and to him, once heard that police has announced 10 lakhs and 10 acres of land, while Jasnine and Mamuttiyan tries to escapte he shoots him, and tells Jasmine asking her to come with him to have the reward and live happily. But she too dies. Prasanth appearances a well built Body and reallly appears like mamauttiyan. Songs good, CAMERA can’t see the locations, directly we are on the spot, such a beautiful, Thiyagarajan says that he well calculated and had the drawings and done it . It is superb,FOR SCENES, DIALOGUES, PRASANTH WELL BUILT BODY MUST SEE IT.
All other actors has done their part in treally excellent manner
PRO: Mounam ravi
Kukmar srinivas
Photo/video journalist