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NAM ANNA DON (Kannada)

Nam Anna Don is the latest cinematic venture by Ramesh Aravind, Kannada Cinema’s prominent actor and director. The movie, written, directed and acted in by Ramesh Aravind, aims to bring the message of “healthcare for people first ,profit next” .The movie, a complete family entertainer, is filled with lively and hilarious scenes.
Ramesh Aravind plays the role of Dr.Arjun, a Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon ,who wants to do good, and help treat poor children with congenital Heart problems. He gets into a situation with local Dons, who through series of funny episodes, help his mission without their knowledge.

Mona Parveresh ,an Iranian ,is the heroine.

Popular kannada actors Sanathani, AchutRao, RajuTalikote, Umeshanna, Rajendrakaranth are also in cast.
22yr old Mathews Manu is being introduced as new music director.
With KK as cameraman and Soundarraj as editor the technical gloss of film is bound to be high.
The film is in last stages of postproduction and soon to release .
Nam Anna Don is one of most expected films this year from Sandalwood.

Ramesh Aravind has done extremely good movies in Tamil also with Dr Kamal Hasan and was successful.

Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist