‘NANBAN’ ***
POSITIVE THOUGHTS SUCCESS                                      ‘SHANKAR’S GIFT

PONGAL Release Nanban a film by Gemini Film Circuit Ilayathalapathy Vijay in Director’s Shankar Movie.
Four Engineering college students Vijay (KOSSAKTHI PASA PUGAZH), Jeeva, Srikanthm Sathyan and college correspondent Sathyaraj. Vijay studies in the College as he is living in the Ooty in a big estate owner Ajay Ratnam and Vijay was studying well and his son SJ Surya is not good.  He tells the teacher to make him use of good in the name of Panchavan Paarivendan, thus doing his studies upto Engg. College.  Vijay and others almost comes in all scenes.  Vijay’s positive thinking always helps others.  Sathyan comes to India after his studies went abroad and comes to India in search of Kossakthi pasa pusapugazh.  He meets srikanth & Jeeva.  The story goes in flash back and how all being treated by the Correspondent Sathyaraj who is very strict.  In the college the name of Vijay is Panchavan Paarivendan and all certificates and college photos who comes first in the college photos also he is there. The scene of taking care of child birth by Vijay video conference is excellent.
They goes in search of paarivendan as per sathyan to OOty and they saw S J Surya as Panchavan parivendan who lost his father and last rites job is going on.  There they saw the photo, certificate in the wall with well framed and enlarged.  In the photo instead of Pari Vendan (Vijay) place S J Surya Sitting.  (Edited). They shocked on seeing it.  While in the college Vijay and Iliyana is in love.

After getting information that Vijay is in Rameshwaram they rushing to Rameshwaram and got a news that Iliyana is getting Married to a boy fixed by her father, Vijay knows this before in the college days itself and he only makes how the Boy was and his behavior and then fell in love with vijay.  On hearing the marriage  friends Srikanth, Jeeva goes to Kalana Mantap and explains everything and kidnaps the girl in front of her father Sathayaraj and others and takes her in the car where they are going to Rameshwaram.

There A school run by Vijay with small kids with so many small equipments for so many things founded by him. After seeing all the things and Sathyan laughs at him and says he is the richest man and going to make a contract to sign up with  KOSAKTHI PASAPUGAZH.  Here only Vijay says that he is that.  The scene ends with a comedy of their college doings. Altogether Shankar has given a PONGAL GIRT to everybody and that too youngsters that ALWAYS POSITIVE THOUGHTS WILL TAKE YOU TO RIGHT ON TOP.

VIJAY, JEEVA, SRIKANTH, SATHYARAJ, SATHYAN, S J SURYA (ORIGINAL PANJAVAN PAARIVENDAN),Vasanth Vijay, T M Karthik, Shanmugasundaram, Manobala, Indarans, Naren, Ajay Ratnam, Ramu, Reensen, Balaji, Kumbakonam Ambi, Deenadayal, Shankar Sundaram, Iliyana, Anuya, Uma Padbhanaban, Chandra, Pooja, Sreejaravi, Lyrics: Vivega, Na Muthukumar, Karki, Pa.vijay, 
Story, Screeplay: Rajkumar Hirani – Abhijath Joshi, Music: Harris Jayaraj, Camera Mano, Paramahamsa, Dialogues Shankar, Karki, Editing:Antony, Production supervisor: Vimalji, Art: T Muthuraj, Sound Design: Rasool Pookutti, Choreography: Parakhan, Shobi, Visual effect : Franki Chang, PRO::NIKIL

Production Incharge: Raji Eswaran, PRODUCED BY: GEMINI FILM CIRCUIT

Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist