Poongai Poo Geetha Presents, AG Films (P) Ltd., Tamil Movie Oru Nadigaiyin Vakkumoolam, story, screenplay, dialogues & Directed by Rajkrishna is a movie that shows becoming as a Heroine, what are all the difficulties facing by them in all the ways from the director, producer to the least cheaters in the industry.

Sonia Agarwal with a little gap again coming back to the movie as a Heroine with the same style, youthful character as an artiste in the movie. In the story she hails from Andhra Pradesh near Nellore a village with his father, mother, a younger sister and younger brother doing the same artist role by her father Yogi Devaraj and mother Urmila Unni. The village people comes to Devaraj and asks him to do a drama and he was about to do it, they have called another troup and it was going on when Devaraj goes there with his daughter Sonia Aarwal to act in that. Being a drame is going on and he been made degraded by the villagers, Devaraj wife and Sonia’s Mother urmila challenges the people that she will make her daughter a big star and leaves town. Settles in Chennai with a help of a friend.

Jyothilakshmi stays nearby and give advises and takes them to some Production units, Directors. Before this many things happens, Urmila unni herself has to loose her to the Industry people. Then been selected by the Director Raj Kapoor and she has to fullfil his wishes and becomes a Heroine and top star thus acting in so many film directors like Vikraman, A Venkatesh and so.

As She has come to a top position, a Producer from Noth settles in chenai and doing fils and have contacts with Kovai Sarala, settled with him not married and she tries a role for her sister. Manoj once with Rajkapoor was very much attatched with Sonia is first time doing a film through this producer and Kovai sarala put pressure on the producer to introuce her sister too in that movie a lead role, and they all to gether made a darama and does it. Sonia & Manoj loves too and he too played a trick. With all these things and dejected with life takes seeping tablets and comes out of the danger.

One day suddenly takes a decision and with the help of her personal touch up women and all to her the asst. she leaves the house and stays in a spititual centre. A TV company wasnts to find out where she has gone? This is the scen when picture starts and the above is in the diary being given to the Chief reporter of TV as she finds out her, nobody dlse. She goes through the diary reading and in that some flash backs comes those are all the scenes given above how she came to field. On going through all the difficulties faced by Sonia Agarwal, the Chief Reporter of the TV channel hands over her diary back to Soni and tell her to lead a happy life there itself and she will foget everything and no news will be in the list.

PRO: Mounam Ravi.

Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist