Modern cinema Presents Produced by S Jaganathan writeen, Music & Directed by S Balan Tamil Movie UDUMBAN is a movie which creates awareness on Education.

Hero of the Movie Dilip Roser a Bike Racer who has done an village role thief with the Monitor Lizard and doing the jon. His family also comes from that only. He starts a school. The heroine Sana is doing for Ph.d., for that doing so many research. Dip has got a elder brother name sunil a debutant done well. He takes over the school and even kills his father. He is collecting exorbitant fees from the villagers children and put them into a lot of trouble.

Ssana joins in the wchool and finds out all the truth and her life being threatened. She takes the support of Dilip and being safeguarded. Having love with sana he tells and she is not able to understand and not accepts it. After saving she have a love with him and make him to built a shool for the poor peoples education. She receives her Ph.d.,. Once in the school a girl child being beaten not speaking English by Sunil and dies. In another time when he was in discussion with the Architects planning for a Engineering college, a villager comes and tells him that heis suigarcane has not fetched him good price and not able to make the fees in time, Sunil immediately kicks him infront of others and sends him out not to h have education for his son. Like this he is doing and even training the strudents in the gangsters way.

Sunil makes a decision to sell it to foreigners and a meeting is going on with the insspector too in the meeting, there Dilip enters and fights with the people and in the meantime Inspector Sellakuri take the Monitor Lizard and ask the chef to make it a nice dish. It been chopped off and a good dish made and all takes it. Which is allergic to Sunil and at that time Dilip says everybody who takes that dish to work hard and it will be digested and nothing will happen. But with fear and already faced in the childhool Sunil was not able to do anything and dies.

The second heroine Keenthiga has done well. Comedy goes with the story with dilip and his asst. Kambam Meena as Ddone well.ilp, Sunil Mother has done well. Lyrics taken from Bharathi Dasan, Pattukkottai Kalayasundaram, Kichas has done the camera, editing by VT vijayan, Stunts Miracle Micheal, Art: Siva Yadhav, Choreography: Raju Sarabya, Ramesh Reddy, PRO: Selvaraghu.

Kumar srinivas]photo/video journalist