***R S INFOTAINMENT PRODUCTIONS “MUPPOZHUTHUM UN KARPANAIGAL” A TAMIL FILM SOTRY, SCREENPLAY, DIALOGUES, DIRECTEDby Elred Kumar mstarring main roles Atharva Murali, Amalapaul is a story of Phsychological efect movie. Atharva is in a software company and been debuted by the company to a sfotware development to Bangalore and meets Amalapaul. He is in love with her. Once she was badly treated in a peb informing the commissioner and he calls them and asks Amala Paul not to have fights with those people as they are connected with Political influenced people. This came to the knowledge of Atharava and takes a revenge of one.

He comes back to chennai. Evevy week end he used to go to Bangalore to meet Amala Paul and everything been shown as it is. But she has legt for Us. He is living with the imaganary status. In US Amalapaul Betrothel takes place with one Vicky. He comes back to India for the purchse of some items and to meet the peoples in India as she is having a very good friendship. He first comes to company of India owner and CEO of hers’, there is is being welcomed by Atharva and he does not have ane expressions that he is in love with her and her lover Amala Paul (Charu) still in Bangalore. When she asks her family doctor Jay Prakash a phsychatrist and he explains the matter that he is been affected by a disease and not barmful to anybody as if he will be the same man and do his duty. The full history of Tharva being taken from his childhood town and brought up.

In the meantime after growing once going with Amala Paul a heavy trucker tries to kill them, but they escaped and not known who it is. At the final stage amala Paul tell her doctor that she wants to tell everything to him and she is already had an engagement with vicky. In the middle when they contact over phone a girl talks in the name of Charu and were very much surprised as Amala Paul was only with him in Bangalore in the Name of Charu, how? They goes to Bangalore and saw the girl named as Charu and she is blind girl and she is using the same chargus cell no. that is the confusion. When Atharva comes to Bangalore as usual to meet Charu and really she is there, on the way he meet the second fellow threatened Amala paul previously and kills him. He comes and meet Amala Paul and both going for a shopping and being kidnapped by a gang and the tells here that this is the fifth women and they are with vicky and doing the same thing. There comes Atharva and saves here and he was atatched in the head and taken to the House and Amala Paul treats her, after that in the Hospital and Dr Jayaorakash says that he will take care of amala Paul very well and mariage can be fixed. Movie camera, Music is good the story is the confusing flashbacks and can be seen for Atharva a good growth in acting, stunts & body and Amalapaul for her for the good role.
PRO: Nikil, Music: G V Prakash Kumar, Camera: Sakthi, Lyrics:Thamarai, Art: Kiran, Choreography: Brinda. Stunts: Rajasekar (Really fantastic) costumes: Deeepali Noor, Produ. Supervision: A Venkkatest, Editing: Antony C Rupan, CO-PRODUCER; JAMES

Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist