Double Engine Productions
“kaathalan yaaradi”
The new district collector of Nagercoil, Rajeswari is killed by unknown people. Policel, general public and the official machinery thinks that this is a handy work of extremist elements. But, collector’s daughter thinks otherwise and she suspects and believes that a local thug named Nagu of Nagoor is behind this killing. The story is all about she takes a revenge on him for his mother’s killing.
“Kaathalan Yaaradi” will satisfy all sections of mass audience who wants a high quality action, a lovable love story, a powerful sentiment and of course heart touching music. With no stones unturned debutant director Rajesh Crown will give the audience a thorough musical commercial movie.
Director Rajesh Crown’s is from Kerala and he has co-produced a movie in Malayalam before. He is a ardent fan of tamil movies and this made him to direct a tamil movie in his first brush with Direction. His experience as a co-producer has also come in handy for the director Rajesh Crown.
Apart from directing the movie Rajesh Crown has also done the cinematography, editing of the movie. He has written lyrics for two of the songs in the movie and acts as a deadly villain too.
The casts of the crew is mainly few faces but their performance is as good as an experienced actors. There are four songs in the movie, two have been written by the director Rajesh Crown and the other two by the music director Ashwin Johnson.
The film is shot in three schedules covering fresh and pristine locales of Kerala, Kodaikanal and Kanyakumari. The post production of the film is underway and the film will be shortly ready for release.
Cast & Crew
Hero – Shivajit, Heroine – Shilpa Kavalam
Supporting casts – Sree Devi, Rajesh Crown, Raja Sahib
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Editing, Cinematography, Production and Direction – Rajesh Crown
Lyrics – Rajesh Crown & Ashwin Johnson, Stunts – brusuli Rajesh

PRO – V.K. Sundar

photo/video journalist