Herewith I have attached the stills of Sonia Agarwal Music School SoundGarage Inauguration. Mr. Harris Jeyaraj Inaugurated the School. Artists Arya, Namitha, Sona, Designer Erumali, Sydney Sladen, Tv Anchor Ramya, Dr. Priya Selvaraj, Riaz Khan graced the Function.

Harris Jayaraj said he is very much tempted to do songs on seeing the studio/wschool of Music, which has been fully quipped with Music systems.

PRO: Mikil

Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist


SOUND GARAGE a Musician’s workshop

Several of you might be gifted with a good voice, tune sense, rhythm sense, or even merely good appreciation of quality music and sound. Such capabilities when tapped are converted into talent. That is where we at Sound Garage come in. We help to identify or develop talent, and more so, chisel and fine tune it for the already gifted ones. We help in the metamorphosis of the good to the better and the better to the best.

Unlike older times, the parents of this generation give exceeding importance to co-curricular activities, arts and creativity. Gone are the days of sole emphasis on professional courses. And along with the welcome change in this attitude have come the changes in technology. Taking average existing facilities in music schools to a completely new level, Sound Garage brings to you the ultimate in infrastructure, equipment and services.

“Some are born talented. Some acquire it. Have you tried ?”

Targeting nothing less than an affiliation to the Trinity College of London, this paradise for musicians has been sculpted rather than made. Sound proofed rooms and dedicated areas for different musical instruments fuse to create an aura of peace and harmony for the learner.

The best musical instruments that money can buy and the best teachers that experience can buy have been carefully handpicked for you, making this place a learner’s delight. Training and certification for the piano, guitar, keyboard, percussion, violin and vocals is what we offer. And if it is not musical instruments that you were born for, we still have a sound and audio engineering option to make you feel part of it.

We at Sound Garage train students to face grade examinations for instruments and vocals in nine levels from Initial to Grade 8 with confidence. These examinations assess the performance and technical skills of an individual from beginner to accomplished performer.

Saurabh Agarwal, a young musical talent and brother of actress Soniya Agarwal has conceptualized this vision, being strongly inspired by his teacher. Together, they have worked day and night to make this dream come true. They have braved all hurdles and unavoidable delays to present to you this wonderful place you are all witnessing.

A sanctuary of such proportions is being inaugurated today by none other than the musical genius Mr. Harris Jayaraj. We thank him for his support for talent in his field. We are convinced that he is the apt choice to declare open a project of such precious value which will benefit several young minds. Harris has a vast and thorough knowledge of professional music, and we are sure that he is impressed with our child.

We look forward to the patronage of all musicians, well-wishers, schools and colleges to help this child grow. We appreciate the time and effort taken by each and every one of you present here including the press to extend your support to us.

“Come , let us make music ; PRESS RELEASE
let us make magic…..” PRO: NIKIL
kumar srinivas
photo/video journalist