Tamil Movie Written & Direccted by Ra. Subramanian is a movie story happening in southern Districts of Tamilnadu In and around Tiruchendur, Tuticorin District languages.
A fishing family and a Business family is the main story. Business Family Hero Arun Balaji loves a girl Bama the heroine comes from a working family. Both gets love and thinking of high as the girls father gives the permission. The Hero Arun Balaji uncle Dayal is a Police officer in the same area and nearly equal age to the Hero. Both are friends than relavtives.
In the fisherman family Bhavan is Kali and he is a van driver to a fish merchant. He has got mother and a sister Janaki only. But sister is in love with other guy ahd planning their way. Once Arun Balaji and Janaki’s lover meets in a place and they have become friends.
In the meantime Kali’s owner comes to his house and tells him that he is already a married man and having two kids and if he prepared to give his siter Janaki as second wife he is ready to marry and give her a good life. Kali accepts this and asks his owner in turn what will he give in return. Owner says that he will give his van what Kali is driving now to him as owner. He agrees and after a fight with his mother making the arrangements. They have planned to go away. When Arun Balaji is in Moufisil Bustand he meet the friend sitting in the bus and asks him where he is leaving. He tells him that he got a job and leaving for town. This was heard by Kali’s most close assistant who is also the van cleaner.
This matter been informed to Kali and he wants to eradicate Arun Balaji. When he was trying to kill him by his van and hit him, arun was with his mother and mother Sriranjani dies on the spot and Arun Escapes. The Next time with his lover while driving a car, Kali stole a Trailer with windmill blade and tries to kill them, but after long chase the Trailer met with a accident and collapses. Then Kali sell his house and got a money of 1 lakh,,with his friend he goes to jail and meets Ganster and from their he has been sent to another man. He pays that man one lakh and an attempt was made and got failed. Kali returns to the man and asks for the money as Arun balaji escaped. The Man ask him to go away from there. While coming out of the old Bolltle shed the man was murdered.
Then Police is searching and from hospital Arun balaji returns home taking rest. In this time Kali calls Arun balaji and asking him to come for a final fight to see either he or him. He leaves the house the stunts starts and Kali dies falling from the Hill
Camera: P Chelladurai, Music: C Sathya, Lyrics: Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu, Editing: KMK.Palanival, Stunts:Dilip Subbarayan, Choreography: Deena, Sivaji, Boby, Art: Gururaj: Admn.Producer: Sivagangai Ilayaraja, Stills: Vijay vilson.
Nice camera, location, a simple story done by Ra Balasubramanian
PRO: Nellai Azhagesh
Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist