A Tamil Movie under the influence of the bank Robbery took place recently. Starring Srikanth, Prabhu, Poonam Baajwa & others. At time some movies will be as it is happened in real like and as it is this also has happened the recent happenings of the Encounter in a recent Bank robbery.

Srikanth is very intelligent chap and he is being trying by a gang to utilize him in some bad unlawful activites, after he things what will happen the same things happen. For this movie some shots being shot like Bank robbery and encounters. But the same

Srikanth, Prabhu, Poonam Baajwa, Sampath, Jayaprakash, Uma Padmanabhan, Krishnamoorthy, Suman, Gajini Rajesh, others in the Movie. Camera; Saman Mithru, Music: Tharan, Lyrics: Kabilan, Art: Remiyan, Choreography: Dinesh, Deena, Sridhar, Stunt:Dilip Subbarayan., Editor: LVK Doss, Prod. Admin:Venkatesh.

Story, Direction: Ramkumar


PRO: Mounam Ravi
Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist