A Film by Supreme Team Cinemas story based on the Gangsters in Chennai city. Beginning itself an announcement that peoples working in IT companies and other normal life living peoples are in their way and what the gangsters doing in this city, who is going to control them? Is the query.

Hemachandran Hero of the film not brings up good in good way by his father as mother dies due to liquor taking father doing Auto driving. He been treated badly by step mother and one day been sent out by his father itself. In the young age of teen joins with his friend who is doing money lending business. He met Sudha Heoine of the movie and both gets in love. Her mother is an widow and had a heart problem and she only take care of her. First she acts like a dump with Hemachandran and then tells everything. In this her friend who is working in a pickle company helps her in love matters. Once in the same gang after taking drinks, they tries to rape Sudha, the Heroine and Hemachandran cames there and got the matter and fights with their friends and saves Sudha. He tells his friend the Money lender that the happened and everybody takes apology and becomes friends. In that situation when He tries to kill a friend Nazer comes there and asks Hemachandran to drop the knife. He asks his words and left the place. In the other side Nazer himself is doing the same thing with his gang.

One of his friend enters election and he requests that the opponent should not compete him. He tells him that he will take care and gives the Job to Hemachandran. Hemachandran befriended the Politician and at one point corners the politicians and with his gang he attempts to kill him. But He survived. He came to Nazer and asks him why he wants to do all these things for money and there itself the Politician was stabbed by nazer. He sends his men in search of Hemachandran and they were in the job. In the middle a brother of Sudha enters the picture and he been sent to Bangalore for staying and to study. But due to his friendship with some gangster member he along with him goes to a place and the Opposite Gangster Bson being killed by the friend. Sudha’s Brother Kumar escaped and at one stage he was identified and war was going on.

When Hemachandran was attempting to kill the Politician Sudha, her mother saw the matter in person and got shocked. Sudha still loves her. Her marriage being fixed with the Man a new house they have gone as tenants as leaving Hemachandran, as he should not know that. He is also in search of that. The marriage work is going on and her brother Kumar was sighted by his gang everybody comes there and a fight goes there in the mêlée Sudha was stabbed, there comes Hemachandran and speaks with Sudha as she is dead. Her friend comes there and while asking Hemachandran he is telling that on the way the ganf has done like this and coming down and fells on Sudha and at back a knife is there. So the Wording If a man takes a Knife for achieving things, his death will be a knife only.
Taken in a good method but looks so much of deaths and in rowdism in top, as they explains in the beginning.
Hemachandran, Mohanraj, nazer, Suriyaprathap, Muthukalai, Sudha, Hemalatha, Jothi Rana & others.
Music: Ezhil-good, Editing:krishnamoorthy, Sivanandan, Art : Raju, sotry : Ajaykumar, Camera : Sreenivasa Reddy, Robertson, Ashokraja, Stunt : Knock out ‘Nanda’

Screenplay, Dialogues, Direction: Ram Shiva

PRO: Mounam Ravi

Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist