UTV Motion Pictures and N.Linguswamy Thirupathy Brothers
“Vazhakku Enn – 18/9” ….
The first look of the Trailor of this film “Vazhakku
Enn – 18/9” … has created such a huge impact and
expectation. From the Director of “Kadhaal” Balaji
Shakthivel who gave us a very different and a unique
love story has now delivered a important matter in this
film too…The film also tells about people who generally
affected by unavoidable reasons in today’s world .
This film “Vazhukku Enn”- 18/9… will sure reach
all type of audience from children’s to parents and
grandparents .Censor of the film is done and it’s been
certified U/A .And the film is all set to be released on
coming May 4th .
“Vazhakku Enn – 18/9”…. is going to be a definite
summer vacation treat for the audience.
Johnson – PR
Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist