Nothing succeeds like success….they say…
Success comes on effort…and effort is originated from passion..
We in D ‘one have the passion as the fuel that instigated our aims to soar high
We have designed ourselves to be d one in terms of excellence and commitment..
Creativity in catering to the requirement and more than requirement..
Long way to go …but still well begun is half done…
D’one we have christened ourselves …d odds and events…
Odd challenges in advertising be it creative..print and media..Logistics…time frames…we face and execute with ease..
Events in any format …corporate meetings, seminars, shows, motivational in house meetings,
fund raising charity shows, sports events, felicitations, product launch , promotion events,carnivals etc…
Laced with our core essence of creative commercials ….keeping in tone with the current trend
We web our skills in creative ‘Web site ‘designing that creates a brand image to the company
As well as the individual…
Public relations that spreads the brand image of the client through print, audio, and visual media
Celebrity management that brings a tint of professionalism in the portfolio management of an individual with aspirations and promise..
Model co ordination that serves as a connecting bridge between the aspiring models and the agencies who seek to hire their services…photography from personal portfolio to industrial photography…
We are at your service for every odd assignment under the umbrella ‘advertisement’
Winners hunt in pairs…two young men..Budding and promising actors of the tinsel world..
Mr.Munish and Mr.Adhith Arun graduated with the visual communication back ground mantle the responsibility of donning the d’one ..
Combined with the academic excellence of Miss Rekha.S , with the back ground of human resource and legal knowledge handling the back office administration D’ one is well backed by the expertise of Mr. Suresh Chandra, celebrity manager of the tinsel world , C. Sudhakar a very able administrator in stage management , and Mr. Abdul .A. Nasser a professional P R person, as their back bone.
The one house solution to all requirements in advertising and event management D’one is situated in eldams road, Chennai.

Nagi Reddi Award “Press Release”
The centenary year celebration of Shri.B.Nagi Reddi which is being celebrated this year has been marked with various social and welfare activities. The crown of the celebrations is the “Nagi Reddi Awards” that was announced to honour the producer of the commercially successful wholesome family entertainer of the year. The winner of the award will be presented with a cheque of Rs.1.5 lakhs as a matter of honour. This award initiated this year will be as annual affair. Shri. Bhagyaraj and Shrimathi. Sowcar Janaki were the juries, and after a brief scrutiny of all the films which was released last year “KO” the block buster of 2011, starring Jiva, Ajmal, Karthika and Piaa Bajpai, directed by K.V. Anand and produced by Mr. Elred Kumar was selected. The producer on behalf of the film crew will receive the award. The award winning ceremony of the same will be held at Kamaraj Memorial hall Chennai on May 1st, at 5.30 p.m. with light music by Unni Menon and troop, Mr. AVM Saravanan, Mr.Vairamuthu, Mr.Prabhu, Mr.S.A.Chandrasekhar, Mrs.Nadhiya and other eminent personalities will grace the occasion.
Gopinathan.P Rekha.S

kumar srinivas
photo/video journalist