A Simple story of software industry working lovers. Shiv is the hero and his friend is Santhanam. Heroine is Mansi and another heroine is Suhasisni. Shive loves first Suhasini and she used tell very high of him to her friend Mansi. Mani tells her that a love which is developed in a weeks time is not the right thing and she is going to be cheated.

In theis Shive has not met Mansi from the beginning and asks her about to his friend Santhanam and he tells so high of Mansi and her beauty. In this shive wants to see her. A chance arises and after seeing her fells in love with her.

The story goes in this way and fully he is engaed with Mansi. Also having friendship with Suhasini and almost removing her from his heart. Mansi’s parents is in search of a boy for their daughter and then she tell about Shiv. Asking him to bring in the evening he says that he is leaving for Bangalore to avoid this and he says that he has not told a main story behind him. She was much dejected and in house fells very much for it. He also from the beining after seeing her does the twin role as double name one with shubasini and one with Mansi. He tells Mansi that he will talk to Suresh (the name used with Mansi) as Karthik with Suhasini and make him to come back to her with all the stories and asking her to come to a place. There she waits and there comes the Suresh/Karthi both are same and she accepts it.

Santhanam comedy is at its best. Songs are good. Camera by R velraj is excellent and that too in the son og minnale, Lyrics by Valui, Pa. Vijay, Sathish Chakravartrhy, Music by Sathis Chakravarthy really done good and very much melody to hear, Editing by Saravanan, Art by Edward, Choreography by Brinda, Tarunkumar, Nagendra Prasad, Produced by D Rameshbabu.

Story, Screenplay, dialogues & Directed by : ANDREW LOUIS

PRO: Johnson

Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist