VAZHAKKU EN 18/9 ****

Thirupathi Brothers Film Media Pvt
UTV Motion Pictures
N Lingusami Presents

A New Tamil Movie Story, Screenplay, Dialogues & Directed by Kadhal Fame Bajaj Sakthivel is smoothly and in a terrific manner taken without any unwanted things.

The main story goes with the New faces Velu, Jothi, Dinesh Arthi. All are teen aged youths. Jothi comes from a village to save their parents debts. First with an North Indian company in North run by a Tamil group and he was not informed about his father’s death. He came from there and comes to Chennai. Due to hunger and giddiness sleeps in the platform and a lady comes there and help him from a near by Road side hotel. She also recommends the owner to give him a job to assist him. On her words he has been given a Job. He used to take water in tricycle with Plastic Pots nearby Metro water tank. While he was doing this he used see a girl Jothi was with a teen aged dress, Pavadai, shirt goes with her mother and at times a fights comes between him and her mother without any reason or mistake from him. She used to abuse him. The first scene starts with Jothi’s mother sitting and crying in the KMC hospital. Matter is that severe burn injuries due to acid poured on her face, Inspector will be inquiring the matter. When the investigation is going on the suspect if anybody there, she says about the roadside eateries shop boy and velu will be taken to custody.

The Second pair Dinesh and Aarthi doing their Plus two in nearby school and Aarthi will be followed by Dinesh. He used to come by car and spending lavishly. They both staying in the same well built apartments. There only in Aarthi’s house Jothi will be working. She used to take care of the house, Aarthi going and coming back from school and then only has to leave the house. In this first Dinesh enters Arthi’s house having some doubts with physics and with a half gown she was sitting he with is cell used take some shots without her knowledge as hearing her clearing the doubts of the subject. Often he used to come when there was nobody there. Once she took her in his car to Resorts and book a room, takes her to beach and while she was enjoying in the sea and was sitting in the sands and will be shooting the scenes with his mobile video. Where he has taken a room, after she was fully wet, he asks her to towel & clean the body. Before that he tells that the will put his cell in the charger and keep in the room as video on. After cleaning her body comes to room stands infront of the Mirror by dressing the video covers everything. While returning back, the car got some problem and he tells her he will bring some mechanic and leaves nearby to a petrol bunk. When the cell rings she lifts and sees there comes some pictures as ringtones and of hers in many angles. When going through all the things, she tries to delete one by one at last stage removes the memory card.

In KMC inquiry going on they Aarthi her parents also will be there, with this she comes to the Police station and she talks to the inspector Kumaravel a new face (Not a news face in acting and the role of Inspector-perfect) to inquire another boy Dinesh and what all has been done by him. He is the son of a very big shot a lady correspondence of a school and well versed with the Minister. When he has been lifted the minister phones the Inspector and tell him to do some thing. Immediately he speaks with the lady and fix up a rate of Ten Lakhs. In Jothi side he says that of plastic surgery it will be cured. In the meantime with velu another young boy joins and was with him and left due to trying to act in Movies and joins a shop near vadapalani. So himself and Venu knows the place of Jothi. After seeing a newspaper there was Velu’s photo printed with the case of acid throwing on Jothi. He goes to Jail and meets him and gathers all information. He came to Jothi’s house and see her and was shocked she is closing her face halfly. Tell her everything velu had love on her. She too meets him in jail and Velu asks her to wait and after coming out he will marry her. At this Inspector will be in a court for some other case and there comes Jothi and throws the acid on the inspector’s face before that gives the letter that the real culprits to be punished. Songs good done by Prasanna, Lyrics Na Muthukumar.

Kumar srinivas
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