Naan Ee having a grand release on the 30th of May
S S Rajamouli’s magnum opus, Naan Ee is having a blockbuster release in three languages on the 30th of May. Finishing touches are being given to this sci-fi romantic thriller produced by PVP Cinema. The special effects in this movie have already become the talk of tinsel town and they have been crafted in USA, Russia, Poland and India. This ultimate revenge story mounted on a novel platform is bound to capture the imagination of both adults and children and keeping this in mind the producers have decided to release the movie during fag end of the summer season. Though the shooting was completed 6 months ago, sensational director, Rajamouli wanted to come up with a perfect product and he worked meticulously on the post-production activities. Industry sources who have watched the first cut of the movie are singing praises about the director and his creativity. So we eagerly await the release of Naan Ee on the 30th of May to provide us with wholesome family entertainment.

PRO: Kriyaz

Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist