Ramarajyam**** – Tamil Movie Review

A Telugu film remake in Tamil starring Balakrishna, Nayanthara, Nageswara Rao, K R Vijaya, Roja, Brammanandham, Master Dhanush, Gourav & others.

Camera: PRK Raju, Music Ilayaraja, Editing: GG Krishnarao, Art: Ravindar, < Krioshnakumar, Lyris: J Panithrakumar (a) Kiran
Direction : Babu

PRO : Mounam Ravi

Astory based on Sri Ramar. Balakjrishna has done the role of Ramar (an NTR is in the screen as in old films looks as same) Nayanthara as Sitadevi. Returning from forest after the 14 years, taken over as the kings charge from Bharathan with the chappals.

Due to some talks in the town, he sends sita to foresh through Lakshmanan. Being brought up there by valmigi who has written the story, as it has to continued as per god’s wish and stared developing the story. Lava Kusa being brought up in his Gurukulam with sita devi.

Graphical works excellent. Story moves, lava, kusa has taken all the training from the guru. In the meantime Rama is going to do a Aswamathe Yagam instructed by the Gurus of the Rajyam. An Yagam to be done means wife should be there. But sita is in the foresh and they gives an alternative to do it by making a statue in god as Sita and she can sit next to him and do it. All the peoples donates their gold ornaments to do the Sita Statue and who has spoken badly about Sita too takes apology and for the sin made by him he also donates gold thus he can come out of the sin.

Everythging has gone in good manner and the Horse in Aswametha Yagam particitipated being sent throughout and where it puts its feets those areas comes under the control of Rama, like that. When it reaches the Valmigi Gurugulam, The horse being caught and tied up. Lakshmanan had a fight with the children Lava, Kusa and all been made swooned. Now Rama itself comes to the war. In the time sita was doing some pooja as per Guru. She hearing the news that Rama has come and war between him and his sons is going to take place, she went to the spot and stops and tell everything. Then handing over the children she goes with her mother the earth.

PRO: Mouna Ravi

Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist