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SP Films Presnts Kandhathum Kaanathathum: Hero: Vikash, Heroine: Suvashika, “Parotta” Suri, Seeni, R Sunderajan, “Super Good” Lakshmanan, Bans, Rish – Dance for a Song, & others.

Hero Vikash and heroine Suvashika in the same college studying their graduations and fell love with each other. The story moves with full of dreams of their love. The friends are the comedians at times.
Nisha has done a dance for a song for commercial. Hero used to help friends at times. Due to a somall wrong thing happened by Vikash heroine disloves her. For her birthday she come to his house as their parents were away of the country. In the meantime one of his firend father comes to his rrom and all photos of sexy and books been removed and a book been kept in vikash book inside and after coming home he is looking at it and reading which is a sex book. At that time the theroine Suvashika comes to meet him for her birthday with a shirt and Pavadai. He was very much impressed and after going through book, tempted to sex life and he holds her and she escapes and got irritated and dislikes her.

After this she gets married to other person and he gets suicide. After marriage the car in which she travels with her husband and the body of Vikash Motuary van crosses in a signal. This has been shown in symbalic. Very smmoth and calm film of love story and its effects.

Camera: Vinshi Baski, Music: V A Charli, Editing: P S Vasu, Choreography: Gopalji, Raohik Vijayakumar, Stunt: ‘Power’ Fast

Story, Screeenplay, Dioalogues, Direction SEELAN

Co-Producer: on behalf of ‘Periyammal Kalikoodam” S Sathyamoorthy, S Manimaran,

Producer: on behalf SP Films S Sankaranaraynan, S Indhu

Lyrics: Vasigaran, Nandalala, Thamizhmuthan

PRO: Sakthivel

Kumar srinivas
Phgoto/video journalist