A love story Hero Lagubaran and horine Swathi lead characters. Hero’s friend loves a girl in the school and he wants to help him in the love. He teaches how to do the love which is going on for nearly two years and not informed his love to his girl friend who he is in his mind. There comes a scooty and Hero Lagubaran stops the scooty on the road and tell her I love you. She immediately says stupid and leaves the place. She is also wearing a Helmet and face not know who it is. One day the girl of the friends loves gives a box to him and asks to handover this to his friend the hero Lagubaran. He gets shocked.

After that only the hero comest o understand the Heroine Swathi only he met with the Helmet and both are in deep love. The parents of Lagubaran are middle class with Political background as his brothers’ wife being a counciller of that area. The other side of Jayam’s parents are in customes and her uncle is a public prosecutor. Once when they were on a trip to tiruchendur by bike and coming back being held in the police check post and Jayam being taken in the jeep and after seeing the ID cards and others, he informs the Public Prosecutor and lets her go. This has been informed to the Political Brother of Lagubaran. His leader calls and warn him to get away from these things and he needs the help of the PP. The get married in the Temple and coming and being taken by the leaders gang and in the meantime the leaders gang kills Lagubaran brother. They were being separated. At the end Swathy is in a garment shop purchasing and Lagubaran also in the same shop purchasing. Everybody things that they are taking clothes for their children only. But it changes vice versa and Lagubaran wife is somebody else with a child and Sawthi husband is someone with a child. Both leave the shop with a little gap. Father of Lagubaran was sitting in the entrance and reading a newspaper and watches swathi going out of the shop with somebody else. When Lagubaran comes with his wife and calls his father, he says will come little later.
The Movie been shot at Tuticorin and its surroundings fully.

Lagubaran, Swathi, K S Thangasamy, Ajay, Tharun, Swathy, Elizabeth & others.
Music: Manucheran, Camera: P Rajsundar, Editing: Gopikrishna, Stunts: Nockout Nanda, Arts: Manikarthik, Choreography: Sankar

PRO: Nikil

Produced by : J Mahalaxmi, Written & Directed by: K S THANGASAMY.

Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist