A new Tamil Movie in the Name of Madhubhana Kadai produced by Mantej Media Productions, Directed by Kamalakannan, kami Baskaran, Vedhshanker Sugavanam, Mentos Antony, Sudi sasidhar, Vinomirthath, Ayyappan, M Rajendran, N T Rajkumar, Seenupriya, M Ravi, Nikil, AVS Immanuel. Robinson- Technical persons

Artist: N T Rajkumar, Arvind anamalai, Kaarthi Vel, Diyana, Sanagiri Poornavel, Ramu, Nandakumar, Vinomirthath,
Ravi, Prabhu, Jana & others

This movie is a story of Liquior shop with bar attached. Feelings will be before going to the Liquor shop and after consuming coming out of the bar and its in & out matters. A film is not encouraging to have drinks and not to have drinks and no lesson out of it. It is only in and outs of the liquor shop according to the Director Kamalakannan.

A small village and a Kalyana Mantap was made as a liquor shop atached with a bar and local peoples been engaged in that and asked them to stay there for twenty days and all shots taken there and night itself editing ad shown to them with the training given to them as per Kamlakannan Director of the Movie. Cameraman Sumee Baskaran handled N7 camera and shots has come out excellent as per his speeches.

PRO: Nikil

Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist