Snowfall plays games on the sets of Billa II

All of us do not know that an entire two days of shooting (from a total of six days) successfully complete had to be reshot at the prestigious Likani Palace schedule of Billa II. Billa II we hear is the only movie for which the gates of the exclusive Likani Palace were opened for a film’s shoot for the first time. Likani palace is the President of Georgia’s summer retreat. It is during the shooting here two full days of shooting had to be reshot to maintain continuity of the outdoor schedule. ‘It was one hell of an experience for the entire cast crew to shoot in Sub Zero temperatures’, says a source from the crew, ‘But it was fun and though it was very difficult to shoot as it snowed, the snow added to the entire look of the film and it will look fabulous..there is no way we could have created this effect artificially’. As they say all is well that ends well.

PRO: Johnson
kumar srinias
photo/vijdeo journalist