Thamizh Cinema Corporation presents

Cast: Anand, K Rajan, Rajesh, Baklasingh, Kadal Sugumar, Swetha, Valentena, Kavitha, Anjali & others.
Team: Camera: V J Sabu, Dialogues: Ramk Ramakrishnan, Choreography: Sivaji, Cool Jayanth, Stunt: Jaguar Thangam,
Produced by: G Vijaya Padama, Ramki Ramakrishnan,
Story, Direction: Ramki Ramakrishnan
PRO: Nikil

This is a love story on a different manner.

Kavitha is a gang leader having a finance company with gangsters. Lending money to many and collection is entirely different. She believes in Horoscope and appoints an astrologer the Balasingh and day to day predictions to be informed to her from dress to wear and things to be done. Accordingly she does everything. She is very fond of her daughter Swetha and calls her as Mahalakshmi, that kind of affection she is having.

Hero Anand works in a car shed a well sophisticated one with sugumar as his friend and comedian. The comedy track moves with the story and not a separate one. Anand mother is very strict and saves money to construct a house with the money earned by the hero. His father is Rajan who is supportive of Anand. Anand used to take money from his mother only as daily expenses. She asks accounts for that. In the middle the house construction was going very slowly, he fells in love with swetha the daughter of the gangster, and story moves on like that.

One day, while Anand was doing the service jobs of the cars, a man kavitha’s son came there and asks for a car which is overdue in payment and wants to seize the vehicle. Anand refuses as it has been given for servicing and if the owner comes and asks he has to answer. There starts fight between the Seizing party and Anand.

Due the things moving on well one day Kavitha comes to the finance party who came to seize the vehicle in car servicing centre, calls him son due to astrologer the period of yours was not good and we should be together and I have kept you separately and come to house she says. He returns to the house.
The Astrologer says that if she wants to keep Mahalakshmi with he, with the horoscope give her married to his son and be at home. Swetha was shocked to hear and she tells that he is her brother. Here comes the climax.

Once kavitha been to the Astrologer Balasingam and ask her regards to her husband and to lead the life. He says with the horoscope it dons not match and asks her to do the things separately. She goes for collection and collects everything in rowdism. At one place a small car shed owner was not able pay the dues and when his wife interferes, she took the child from her hand and tells him after making the money to take back the child. On going through the horoscope of the child Balasingh says this kind of horoscope cant be seen and she woill be the money making for her. She names her as Mahalakshmi bring her up. When the parents of the child comes and asks for the child she tells that child will be wither only and if they want they can come and see the child.

When marriage is going to take place between her own son and Majhalakshmi in Tirutani, Anand interferes and stops the marriage and on the chasing of the duo Kavitha and her son dies on the way. House completed, swetha’s father attends the grahapravesam and the two got married.

Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist