Love based a village story. Starting Siva Karthikeyan the Hero comes in luxury car and his friends on seeing him run to places. He come to a road and stand there infront of a house. His flash back starts. His father Ilavarasu and Mother Vanitha doing some contract work that too for the opposite house heroine Athmiya’s father a scool building work. She has got a very big family of brothers, grandma. They are only making a big school there. The construction been given to Ilavarasu the father of Siva karthikeyan.

He used visit the office and Heroine Athimiya takes care of the construction and money matters. For father siva karthikeyan comes there to collect meoney for construction work and fells love with here. She is refusing from the beginning. Siva Karthikeyan builds up some extra bits about his love to his friends all to be comedy makers in this film. In that main is having a Tea Stall and all will be sitting there only.

In the middle marriage is being fixed for Athimiya and at the time of Marriage the friends of Sivakarthikeyasn and others comes from Bombay and comes to know about the love of his. At the time of marriage they by saying something and bringing out the Athmiya and by giving her some smell with kerchief in her nose and got swooned and already Siva Karthikayan is there in the same position. They been driven out of the place and after coming to the matter that the girls missing the entire gang of Athimiya’s family in many cars started searching her. In this three friends being there and taken with beating to end and searching. With the friend they Sivakarthikeyan and Athimiya being takento kerala the home town of his friend. They are living there. But she is telling that she does not like all these things if their family finds out they will be killed. In this only Siva asks her is she not really love with hims by telling the old remembers, she says yes. After finding out the girl being taken to their town, kept her there. This is place after two years Siva Karthikyeyan returns back and come to his own place as they have shifted to city and in construction has become big. Suddenly opens the door of Athimiya’s house and she comes out to put Kolam. He askes how she kept quiet for the past two years not telephoning and not attending his calls. She even said that she is affectionate to his dad only and cannot do anything more than that. His father comes out and asks him to go away immediately from the place without any scenes to be created and finally tells him while going take this girl also with you, this is because the respect my daughter given to me made me to allow this and have a happy life.

Sivakarthikeyan, Ilavarasu, Suri, Ravi Mariya, Theivathirumagan Kishore, Aadokalam Naren, Singampuli, Vennira Adai Moorthy, Srinath,m Sams & others.
Camera Sooraj Nallusamy (good), Isai : D Iman, Lyrics:yugabharathi, Art: Shivraj, Choreography: Dinesh, Stunt : Logu, Editing : Gopi Krishna, Production supervisor: Charles.
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues & Direction: S Ezhil

PRO: Mounam Ravi

Kumar srinivas
Photo/video journalist